What Do I Do if a Producer Needs to Submit Documentation for a Background Question?

This article walks through what the producer needs to do if they must submit documentation to NIPR because they answered yes on a background question.

In order to submit license transactions, NIPR requires a set of background questions be answered before the license transaction can be approved. There are several questions that require the producer to upload documentation to the NIPR Attachments Warehouse if they are answered in a certain way. 

How do I provide these documents to NIPR when using AgentSync Manage?

The good news is - the process for uploading documents to NIPR while using Manage is the exact same as if you were submitting transactions via NIPR! Producers will go directly to the NIPR Attachments Warehouse and upload all necessary documents. That's it!


To make it as easy as possible, we have included a link to the NIPR Attachments Warehouse directly in the portal, so producers can easily navigate to the site. 

Have additional questions? Reach out to support@agentsync.io for assistance!