Advanced AgentSync Portals: Guiding your Agent Through the Portal

This article walks through how your agents or producers can complete their portal information and shows how you can log in as your agent in the portal.

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How do Agents Log in to the Portal?

After you invite your agent to the portal, they can follow the below steps to log in and complete the necessary information. Not sure how to invite your agent to a portal? Click here to learn how!

Step 1: Your producer will receive a customizable email welcoming them to the portal and sharing a link to create a password for the portal. 

AgentSync Tip: This email will contain your producer's unique username.  Please ensure that they hold onto their username for future log ins! 

Step 2: When your producer clicks the link in the email, they will be brought to a screen to create a portal password.

That's it! Your agent is now registered for the portal and has access to log in. To learn how agents navigate the portal, keep reading!


How Agents Navigate the Portal

Step 1: Once the agent is logged in to the portal, they can view all active licenses and carrier appointments by clicking the tabs labeled Licenses and Carrier Appointments

Portals are very customizable, so the tabs may be labeled differently or not appear at all. Reach out to if you need help navigating your Portal. 

Step 2: When your producer is logged into the Portal, they should see a section labeled Manage Producer Detail Record. This is where they will enter all of the necessary information you need to transact. If your producer is new to the portal, this option will only show a Start button. After they've started, they will have the option to Update or View. Once the portal is completed, your producer will see four green checkboxes next to each section of information. 


AgentSync Note: Does your producer need to update state-specific background questions?  They will log into the portal, click update, and then click Save & Next past the biographic information, employment history, address information and non-uniform questions to update their state specific background questions.



How Agents can Complete their Producer Details

Now, the important part!  Here is how your producer can complete their producer details in order for your team to apply for and renew licenses in AgentSync Manage.

AgentSync Tip: Your producer cannot skip to a certain section in this flow, even if they are making updates.  The only way to move forward is to click the "save and next" button.

Step 1: Biographic Information: Your producer is prompted to add their SSN, gender, and confirm birthdate.  Click Save & Next

AgentSync Tip: Producer having issues clicking save and next?  Click here to jump down to the troubleshooting section of this article. 

Step 2: Employment History: Your portal user is then brought to complete their employment details here. Click Add.  Employment details must be in chronological order with your current employer listed last. If the agent has a gap in employment, be sure to include a placeholder such as "unemployed" or "in school" to eliminate gaps. 

Step 3: Address Information: The next step is contact information, already pre-populated from NIPR.  The agent can make edits and elect to match mailing and business information to match resident information by clicking the checkbox.  After all address information is added or confirmed, click Save & Next

Step 4: Non-Uniform Background Questions: Next step, background questions.  Producers can complete their background questions here by clicking Yes or No. Then, click Save & Next.

AgentSync Tip: Do any of your responses require submitting supporting documents?  Click the NIPR's Attachments Warehouse link in the portal to submit any supporting documents.

Step 5: State-Specific Background Questions: After, your producer is prompted to complete state specific questions. Then, click Finish

Agents can view their completed information in their portal when complete. To make updates, simply select the Update button under the Manage Producer Detail Record section. Admins can also make updates on behalf of agents by clicking Update if needed.



How to Log in to the Portal as the Agent Portal User

Is your portal user having an issue and you want to see what they are seeing?  Here is how to login as a portal user.  

Step 1: Navigate to your producer's Contact record by typing their name in the Global Search Bar at the top of your screen

Step 2: Click the name of your producer with the label Contact under the name

AgentSync Tip: Don't see your producer's Contact record in the preview? Try clicking Show more results for at the bottom of the preview.

Step 3: Click Log in to Experience as User in the top right corner. 

Don't see log in to experience as user?  This is either because: 

  • You may need to click the down arrow more dropdown to see the full set of options
  • The producer was not yet invited to the portal. 
  • You may not have the permissions.  If either the last two are the case, email us at and we will assist further

That's it! You can now see the portal exactly as that producer. To return to Manage, simply click the back button in your browser, or open Manage in a new tab.



Troubleshooting Tips: Agent Can't Save Their Producer Detail in the Portal

Is your agent having issues with completing the producer detail in the portal? Here are a couple troubleshooting steps they can try:

  • Ask your agent to zoom the screen out a bit (CTRL & -).  The view of the Portal flow can be large for some browsers, and many times Agents are able to continue to the next page after this step.  Once your agent or you complete the producer detail, select CTRL & + magnify your screen back to its original view.
  • Does your producer have employment gaps?  This can prevent the producer from moving forward after employment history.  Please label all employment gaps as "unemployed," "school" or any other placeholder per NIPR rules.
  • Is your producer using a chrome browser?. Kindly request to your producer to complete their producer detail using Chrome.

Still having issues? Email for assistance

Further Education & Training

Want to learn more about our internal portals?  Check out our Getting Started with AgentSync for Agencies and Internal Agents: Basic Navigation micro-course in AgentSync Academy!