AgentSync Manage: New Release Wiki

Due to the complexity of state rules, AgentSync runs on a continuous release schedule. This wiki walks through our new releases starting from 11/1/2022.

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February 14th, 2024 (43.1)

Within this release there is a focus on enhancing the termination experience and iterating on our support for Resident License and Learn. As always each release includes architectural updates as we work continuously to support the scalability of Manage as well as resolutions to customer reported and internally reported bugs.


Features / Enhancements ✨
  • Termination Experience Update
    • Terminating with an inactive State License - States vary in their support for terminating appointments when a producer no longer holds an active state license. Manage will now only allow carrier customers to create termination transactions for the states that allow for terminations through NIPR when a license is no longer active.
    • Select License associated with Appointment - When terminating an appointment, in the request to NIPR, the license information is required to be submitted with the appointment. In some cases there are multiple licenses that could satisfy the appointment but NIPR and the State require the license that was submitted for the appointment to match the license submitted for the termination. Now when in the termination process, the administrator will select the correct license to submit with the Termination.
  • NPN Lookup with Special Characters Enhancement
    • If there is a producer with a special character in their name, they can now leverage the NPN lookup feature to find their NPN. Previously Manage would make one attempt through our ‘Access NPN’ Look up. This required ‘First Name’, ‘Last Name’ and the last 4 of SSN. Now if the first attempt through Access does not produce an NPN, Manage will retry with the NPN lookup with NIPR. The NIPR lookup requires only Last name and SSN.
  • Resident License Support for a Producer with an NPN and an Expired/Inactive RL
    • Compliance admins can now transact for a resident license through Manage, for producers who previously had a Resident License that has now expired or has become inactive. This is supported if the Producer is intending to reinstate a Resident License in the same state they previously held a license. Meaning, if they had a resident license in SC and they let it expire and the producer now resides in NC, they would NOT be able to transact for a resident license in Manage.
  • Learn Email Reminders
    • Now customers can customize email reminders, both the language and the frequency of the reminder email. 


Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Now when the metadata is set as inactive for a given gateway business rule, a Carrier will still be able to terminate an appointment with the correct LOA code. For the purpose of terminations, the status of the gateway business rule (inactive or active) does not impact the Carrier’s ability to terminate appointments.
  • NY LA Appointment termination rows will only be associated with NY licenses with class code 134 and vice-versa for P&C appointments.
  • AgentSyncAsyncUtility JSON Error
  • IntegrationSettingsController.searchForUser Fails Intermittently During Apex Unit Test Runs
  • PD Employment History > Deleting existing jobs, then clicking previous, and trying to continue with PD flow results in error
  • Scorecard: Not_Applicable category is included on transaction when the corresponding GW Biz rule is turned on in MT
  • AgentSync_Transaction_Type_Label Issue
  • Bulk Appointment - Transaction for Resident/Non-Resident LOAs
  • Surplus: Asking for Surplus also includes Property and Casualty on transactions
  • License Scorecard: Personal Lines LOA should not be included in Transactions when it is added inherently with Property and Casualty.


February 8th, 2024 (42.3)

A bug has been reported related to the new Resident License functionality. It appears to have a limited impact for the time being. Details below:

Bugs Resolved 🐞

  • If a Resident license as become inactive but is still in a late renewal and in a reinstatement period, Manage did not support the creation of the renewal transaction to be submitted to NIPR.
    • Now admins can create a transaction through the Producer Details. If the RL is inactive, but in a renewal state (reinstatement, late renewal) the admin will only be able to create a transaction for the inactive RL. This is because there must be an active Resident License to transact for any Non Resident Licenses. If an admin attempts to apply for a license or renewal in a non resident state, they will receive an error with an explanation as to why.
    • Once a transaction has been created for the Resident License for the renewal, the admin can submit the transaction to NIPR as normal for the Resident License. An admin can transaction for non-resident license, once Manage is alerted via the PDB that the Resident License is in an active state.

February 1st, 2024 (42.2)

Another Manage release—this is for State Compliance Changes and updates in our secret sauce (aka Custom Metadata (CMDT)). Read the details below! 
State Compliance Updates ✅
  • NebraskaEffective January 12, 2024, Nebraska converted existing "No Lines" and "None" LOA descriptions to match license classes. The changes will affect the Producer Database (PDB) and NIPR Gateway for Resident Licensing (RL), Resident Licensing Renewals (RLR), Non-Resident Licensing (NRL) and Non-Resident Licensing Renewals (NRR), Non-Resident Adjuster Licensing (NRAL) and Non-Resident Adjuster Renewals (NRAR) applications. All Gateway Business Rules (GWBRs) that included "No Lines" or "None" or retired and new GWBRs were added with the new LOAs that reflect the license class.  Since all new GWBRs default to Active=false in the product, customers will need to enable any GWBR they would like to transact for.
  • Montana: Effective January 1, 2024, Montana added a new License Class called Temporary Surety Bail. The changes will affect the Producer Database (PDB) and NIPR Gateway for Resident Licensing (RL).
Bug Fixes 🐞
  • PennsylvaniaUpdated the renewal eligibility period from 60 days to 90 days for entity licenses in Pennsylvania. For clarity, this change from 60 to 90 days relates to firms only. For individuals, it is still the same—60 days. 
  • New York: We have added the related GWBR for NY LC 20 so the Scorecard behaves as expected when it includes NY and adjuster.  We didn't have them previously because NY does not license adjusters via the NIPR Gateway. Additionally, since all new GWBR default to Active=false in the product, customers will need to enable any GWBR they would like to transact for.


January 30th, 2024 (42.1)

Nebraska Gateway Business Rule NE_4_13200 was previously missing from the AgentSync LOA Mappings table. This Gateway Business Rule was not created in AgentSync after the 1/12/24 CMDT update from NIPR. Release 42.1 resolves this issue. 


January 10th, 2024 (42.0)

This release includes enhancements to create better UI experiences in the Employment History section of the Producer Detail Record, consistency of data across Producer Details flows, NIPR Syncs in Manage, and for Resident Licensing Transactions. We also made improvements to our architecture to support scalability, as well as feature bugs on transactions, scalability, and producer details. 
Features / Enhancements ✨
  • Updating SSN Value: Now when the SSN field is updated by an admin or Producer on the Producer Details flow for a contact record, the SSN field on the related producer (Contact) record will be updated to match the value. This is to better support our admins in clean and consistent data on their producers. For clarity, the below existing functionality will remain the same following this release:
    • Currently if the SSN field on a contact record is blank and a user enters a SSN, a Producer Detail (PD) record is automatically created and the SSN from the Contact record is auto populated on the PD.  This functionality should remain after this update is complete.
    • Currently if the SSN field on a Contact record is populated and a user updates it to a new value, the related PD record SSN field is updated to include the same value.  This functionality should remain after this update is complete. 
  • NIPR Sync Status Update: When a producer has a status of ‘Success-No Licenses’ and there are Licenses listed in the PDB alert for that NPN, after processing, then the status now gets updated to ‘Success’
    • When a producer has a status that is NOT ‘Success-No Licenses’ and there are Licenses in the PDB alert for that NPN, after processing, the status does NOT change
    • When a producer has a status of ‘Success - No Licenses’ and there aren’t any Licenses listed in the PDB alert for that NPN, after processing, status remains ‘Success - No Licenses’
  • Ability to Review XMLs for Contact Change Requests for Errors: Even when an error occurs in relation to a Contact Change Request Transaction, we capture the XMLs for the request and response so that a user is able to review it.
  • UI Update for Consistency in Employment History: In the Employment History module in the Producer Details, when a user adds two rows with End Dates, and adds another row, then the two already added rows retain their End Dates and the new row to be completed consistently appears below the two already added rows. In the previous UI, adding a row would insert the new row to be completed in between other rows depending on the dates—the UI enhancement allows for a more consistent experience for a user in completing the Employment History module.
  • Creation of Producer Compliance Scorecard When NPN Populated: When the NPN is populated on an existing contact record where a Producer Assignment exists with no NPN relationship, this will trigger creating a Producer Compliance Scorecard.  This should also trigger adding a Scorecard tab to the existing Producer Details record Process Transaction section.

Bugs Resolved 🐞
  • Optional Questions in Producer Detail Ordered Alphabetically by State: On the State Specific Questions screen, all the Optional Questions should be sorted in alphabetical order of States. Previously, if a Producer Assignment existed and State-Specific Background Questions feature flag was enabled on AgentSync Settings page, questions for states not found on the Producer Assignment were displayed first, followed by other optional Ask on Submission Questions. They are now sorted in alphabetical order.
  • Fixed Apex Heap Error: Fixed the issue where APEX CPU time limit would occasionally be exceeded and lead to errors while running the batch job against producers that have large amount of data (e.g. on Scorecards where the producer has all 50 states).
  • Able to create NC Appointments via Multiple Eligible Rows: Fixed previous errors on creating appointment transactions for multiple rows for NC. 
  • Fixed Employment History Errors: Fixed errors that occurred when quickly clicking the trash can button multiple times in quick succession. When this situation would happen, it would prevent the user from proceeding to the next screen.


December 28th (41.7)

The Bulk Termination Utility in Manage allows users to submit terminations for multiple producers at one time. In this release, we introduced an opt-in batch customization setting with back-end automation—this is useful to users encountering CPU errors due to large batch sizes in certain scenarios when using the existing Bulk Termination Utility.


December 22nd (41.4)

The Bulk Appointing Utility in Manage allows our users to submit appointments for multiple producers at the same time. This highly coveted feature is a major time saver for customers. In this special release we are introducing an important update to the Bulk Appointing feature which focuses on drastically reducing the creation of unnecessary and duplicate transaction records. 


December 15th (41.2)

This Custom Metadata (CMDT) release saw updates questions for CA and PA. There are some new WA state questions and an update to WY. Read below for details!
Features / Enhancements ✨
  • LOA Mapping Exceptions: Research was completed to identify which states include annuity with the life line of authority and which LOA they use for Life line of authority category.  The outcome was that all states do include annuity with life, so the necessary CMDT updates were made.  You will now see life;annuity in the LOA Categories related to a license or appointment record where the LOAs include Life.  This will be helpful when creating producer assignments that include life so that it is clear when the producer is already licensed or appointed for annuity or is eligible to be licensed or appointed for annuity.  Please note that annuity relates to fixed annuities.  Each state has specific LOA codes for the variable lines (variable_life;variable_annuity)
  • PA Non-Uniform Question Update: A State Specific Question PA_2_I_8 had an invalid URL. NIPR has updated the URL to the correct link. In this release we are updating the question verbiage to include the correct link.
  • CA Non-Uniform Question Update: A State Specific Renewal Question CA_3_I_5 had the incorrect verbiage. Early this year CA had split the question and correct updates were made to Manage. However, the existing verbiage was overwritten in another realease.
    • Incorrect verbiage “Have you been convicted of a crime?”
    • Correct verbiage “Have you been convicted of a crime which has not been previously reported to the California Department of Insurance?”
    • Any producer who previously answered “Yes” to the question may now have an incorrect response so all “Yes” responses will be cleared and the producer will be required to answer.
    • Customers will need to be aware that Producer Detail records will be incomplete for producers who previously answered this question “Yes”
  • WI Gateway Business Rules Marked Retired: Wisconsin Gateway Business Rules WI_364_101 and WI_5153_101 are now marked as retired. This ticket is a clean up issue and has no impact internally or to customers.

State Compliance Updates ✅

  • Washington: WA is making some additional license classes available for processing via the NIPR Gateway. AgentSync added all the included License Class Mappings and GWBR for all license classes identified. For the Agent Types and LOA Categories that Manage supports, the impact is as follows
    • New RL and NRL transactions for agencies/firms can now be processed via the NIPR Gateway
    • RL and NRL renewal transactions for agencies/firms still cannot be process via the NIPR Gateway.  An Eligibility Exception was added to present in response to a firm renewal transaction request that results in not eligible in the NIPR Eligibility Response
    • New RL and NRL transactions for individuals as well as RL and NRL renewals for individuals continue to be available via the NIPR Gateway.  This functionality already existed.  The change is that individuals can now be renewed via the NIPR Gateway during the Late Renewal period.
    • This update indicates that WA has changed their Regular Renewal Period End date to the Expiration date rather than 10 days prior as it was previously.  That Eligibility Exception for WA has been retired.
    • This update indicates that the late renewal period for WA now begins 1 day after the expiration date and ends 60 days after the expiration date.
    • This update indicates that the reinstatement period for WA now begins 61 days after expiration date and ends 365 days after the expiration date.  However, reinstatements cannot be processed via the NIPR Gateway.   An Eligibility Exception has been added to present when a renewal request is made for a individual during the reinstatement period.   The response indicates the user must navigate to the WA DOI website to process the reinstatement.
    • The States Licensing Setting for WA was updated to reflect these new renewal periods which means WA licenses will not include these renewal period dates.
    • This update indicates that Business Entity and Individual applicants may NOT amend (add a line of authority) through initial license applications. Applicants that would like to add or remove lines of authority on an existing license must apply directly to Washington [Get licensed | Washington state Office of the Insurance Commissioner|].   An Eligibility Exception was added to present when a request to amend an existing RL is submitted.
    • There was already eligibility exceptions related to WA Adjuster licensing not being available via NIPR Gateway and that remains in place.
    • This update indicates that State Specific Question WA_1_I_4 now related to all license classes and for transaction types 4;5;7;8
    • This question is no longer marked ask on submission and is marked required
    • Agent Type on this question is now All
    • Since the question was previously ask on submission, customers will need to be aware that the question is no longer optional and if currently unanswered will result in the PD being incomplete.
    • This update indicates that state specific question WA 1 is now required for agencies/firms but only for transaction types 4;7
    • Therefore, State Specific Question WA_1_F_7 was added for firms.
    • Since this is a new question for firms, customers will need to be made aware that Producer Detail records for Agencies will be incomplete pending answering this question
  • Wyoming: WY is a JIT state. In this release, we have updated the necessary GWBR to reflect JIT so customers who wish to use JIT in WY can mark the WY Company State Setting on their Company record as JIT and WY appointment transactions will use JIT logic to hold transaction until business is submitted.


November 27th (41.0)

This release includes enhancements that help with our Producer Detail flow, NIPR Batch Transactions and for Resident License Transactions. We had a few customer reported bugs that were quickly addressed in this release as well as some architecture updates that will allow us to process more data in a given time.

Features / Enhancements ✨

  • Employment History in Producer Details Enhancements: updates to adding a current role and a new feature that allows for multiple concurrent roles.
  • Add Eligibility Reason to NIPR Transaction Batch Record Page Layout
  • Handle None Permitted NIPR Response to Resident License Transactions

November 17th (40.2)

This release includes Custom Metadata updates required due to state regulatory changes including a bug fix. Below are details by state of each change.
State Compliance Updates
  • New York: Effective November 17, 2023, New York will begin offering NIPR Gateway support for RL and RLR transactions for Individuals.
    • NY RL and RLR transactions for Firms are still not supported via the NIPR gateway.
    • Updates: New York added individual offerings to Licensing and Renewal applications. Manage has been updated to include support for Individual NY Residents for the following License Classes:
      • NY_13233 Property and Casualty Broker
      • NY_13253 Life/Accident & Health Broker
      • NY_13254 Property and Casualty Agent
      • NY_13255 Life/Accident & Health Agent
    • Manage has also been updated to reflect that Property & Casualty includes Personal Lines in addition to Surety.
    • The following changes were made to NY Non-Uniform Questions (NUQ) / State Specific.
      • Transaction Type 7 was added to NY State Specific Question 2 for Individuals.
      • New Question, NY State Specific Question 4 was added for Individuals for transaction type 7. This question is marked as “Ask on Submission” for License Classes 13233 and 13254. Description of Question = Does the applicant sell flood insurance policies through the National Flood Insurance Program? Applicants applying for a license class they previously held are required to answer this question. This question is not required for first time applicants.
      • NY State Specific Question 1 previously required for New Non Resident License requests for both Individuals and Firms related to Excess Lines (Surplus) has been retired since a validation has been added to confirm an Excess Lines Resident License already exists. Description of Retired Question: Do you currently hold an active Surplus/Excess Lines License in your Resident State?  Y or N 
        NY State Specific Question 1 previously required for Non Resident Renewals requests for both Individuals and Firms related to Excess Lines (Surplus) has been retired since a validation has been added to confirm an Excess Lines Resident License already exists. Description of Retired Question: Do you currently hold an active Surplus/Excess Lines License in your Resident State?  Y or N
    • Updated Manage to reflect that Individual Producer License regular renewal period begins 180 days prior to license expiration date. Previously the regular renewal period start date was set to 120 days.
    • The package includes scripts to:
      • Update Resident Type, LOA Categories and Regular Renewal Period Start date on existing NY licenses
      • Retire questions NY_1_B_4 and NY_1_B_5
      • Add questions NY_4_I_7 and NY_2_I_4 (for NY residents)
    • New Eligibility Exception added so that users know NY does not license or renew Firm Producer licenses via NIPR Gateway.
  • Connecticut: Connecticut added Third-Party Administrator with the line of authority Third-Party Administrator Registration to Resident License, Non-Resident License and No Home State online applications. Updates:
    • License Class CT_105 exists but needs update to Entity Types to be F only.
    • Add GWBR CT_105_12880 with Blank Appointment LOA Code field and Active=False
  • South Carolina: South Carolina added new license class Pharmacy Service Administrative Organization (PSAO) for business entities and change business processing rules. The changes will affect the Producer Database (PDB) and NIPR Gateway application. Updates:
    • Add License Class Mapping SC_13293 label Pharmacy Service Administrative Organization,  Agent Type Pharmacy, Entity Type F, Resident Type R;NR
    • Add LOA Mapping 13180 Pharmacy Service Administrative Organization, LOA category not_applicable
    • Add GWBR SC_13293_13180 blank Appt LOA Code, Active=False
  • Nevada: Nevada added Non-Resident Bail Agent license class to the Producer Database (PDB) for display purposes only. Updates:
    • Add License Class Mapping NV_3135 label Non-Resident Bail Agent, Agent Type Bail, Entity Type I, Resident Type NR
    • Add GWBR NV_3135_569, blank Appt LOA Code, Active = False
  • Arizona: Arizona updated verbiage for in Non-Uniform Question (NUQ) for the Resident Licensing application for individuals. Updates:
    • Edit AZ_5_I_7 to include new verbiage in Description field
  • Nebraska: Nebraska added a new Apprentice Temporary Insurance Producer license type for PDB display so the licensee can apply for appointments through NIPR. Customers will need to set relate GWBR to Active=True if they would like to appoint producers who hold this license class. Updates:
    • Add License Class Mapping NE_13353 label Apprentice Temporary Insurance Producer, Agent Type Producer, Entity Type I;F, Resident Type R
    • Add LOA Mapping LOA_13260 Apprentice Temporary Insurance Producer, LOA Category not_applicable
    • Also Added the following GWBR with active=False
    • NE_13353_70 Appt LOA Code LOA_70
    • NE_13353_426 Appt LOA Code LOA_426
    • NE_13353_127 Appt LOA Code LOA_127
    • NE_13353_11 Appt LOA Code LOA_11
    • NE_13353_928 Appt LOA Code LOA_928
    • NE_13353_22 Appt LOA Code LOA_22
    • NE_13353_11438 Appt LOA Code LOA_11438
  • Arkansas: State Requirement Needed for AR as Personal Lines (PL) is included when P&C are both held. Updates:
    • Add State Requirement for AR_surety already exists. Added personal_lines to “Category Addition” field
  • Guam: New Eligibility Exception added in Manage so that users know to go through Guam (GU) as NIPR does not support processing new license transactions.
  • Pennsylvania: Minor update to Non Uniform Question (NUQ) 2 to include a line break.

October 31st (40.1)

It's time for another Manage release! This time for State compliance changes and updates in our secret sauce - aka the Custom Metadata (CMDT).
State Compliance Updates ✅
  • Pennsylvania: Effective 10/31, Pennsylvania will make updates to the Non-Uniform Questions. Key Value 3A, B,C,D,E,F,G and Key Value 4 will be removed and Pennsylvania is requesting Industry to stop sending the answer to these Non Uniform Questions at any time. There will also be verbiage updates for Key Value 1. This impacts the following transactions in Manage: Resident Licensing, Resident Licensing Renewals, Non-Resident Licensing, Non-Resident Licensing Renewals, Non-Resident Adjuster Licensing, Non-Resident Adjuster Licensing Renewals.
    • Additionally, we are clearing existing users' answers for PA_1_I_5 and PA_1_F_5 (Pennsylvania - Non-Uniform Questions - Key Value 1 - one question is for Business and another one is for Individuals) If the answer was Y, customers may want to review the previously entered response with their producers.
  • New Country Code Added: NIPR has added Serbia and Montenegro (Yugoslavia) to Appendix B:  Valid Country Codes and we have added the Country Code to the corresponding Picklist Value Set in Manage accordingly.
Bugs Resolved 🐞
  • Resolved: Updated Vermont Agent Type: License Class for VT_3253 Agent Type updated from Appraiser to Producer. 
  • Resolved: Updated Indiana Entity Type: License Class IN_6053 updated from Entity type F right to I;F.
  • Resolved: New Jersey GWBR Corrected to Remove TPA as LOA Category: When GWBR NJ_2842_12960 was added in LOA Mapping, LOA_12960 was also added and the LOA Category was set to TPA. Given TPA is a license type, never a product line, LOA_12960 was updated to be LOA Category `not_applicable`.
  • Resolved: Virgin Islands: Gateway Transactions settings and Compliance Library updated (from blank) for the US Virgin Islands Jurisdiction to allow for 15 days backdating in relation to Terminations and Appointments.
  • Resolved: Transacting for Temporary License in Texas: Added the GWBR TX_2277_851 and also a GW LOA Translation for TX_851_411 to allow for transacting for temporary licenses in TX


October 26th (40.0)

This release is focused on improving user experience and functionality for Manage along with an update to FINRA and other architecture improvements.
Features / Enhancements ✨
  • The portal user is getting 'Attempt to de-reference a null object; 245;(agentsync)'. This is a story focused on improving the portal User Experience.
  • Improvement to how we handle Inherent Personal Lines from other LOA Categories to ensure ScoreCard and Producer Detail Record match in behavior and improve user experience.
  • Improvements in user experience with Producer Detail flow between Contact and Producer Detail Record to ensure flows match.
  • FINRA improvements to Hierarchy to allow users to see the upline within the AgentId record.

Bugs Resolved 🐞
  • Resolved: Receiving Mixed DML Errors on Create/Update User.
    • Profiles and Agent Ids are created when CRD or NPN is populated during user creation. If the new user also has a custom role assigned to them during creation, we will get a MIXED DML error since we can create/update the User object and Profile/AgentId object in the same transaction. Need to send Profile/AgentId creation to async processing to avoid this.
  • Resolved: Applying for Personal lines only in FL includes property and Casualty also.
    • Improving user experience and logic for FL when a single LOA is selected to ensure multiple LOAs are not included unnecessarily.
  • Resolved: Producer Detail is shown as incomplete even when all background questions are answered.
    • Improvements to the Producer Details view for an admin to remove errors that showed incorrectly when the required State Specific Questions were completed.


October 3rd (39.2)

Release 39 was about a lot of bug fixes to ensure Manage is running smoothly! Read the details for these bug fixes below:

Bugs Resolved 🐞

  • Resolved: License Scorecard and PD Create Button was creating duplicate transactions in NY
  • Resolved: State Row shows as still actionable after submitting transaction for renewal
  • Resolved: Changes to LOA Category Values on Bulk Termination template
  • Resolved: AgentSync Portal Admin Access Permission set is added automatically to Portal User while creation that is causing Portal User to be able to create/edit transactions and delete PD
  • Resolved: Improve Error handling for LearnWebCEDataDisplay LWC
  • Resolved: PD Triggers too many Queueable Jobs
  • Resolved: Null-pointer Exception in LearnReportCard Trigger
  • Resolved: When show all filter is off, do not display Active appointment rows
  • Resolved: Invalid NPNs show NIPR Tracking active after Refresh
  • Resolved: Manage Producer Assignment Component showing Error without messaging
  • Resolved: Bulk Termination: Termination submitted successfully when NIPR tracking is turned off


September 18th (38.4)

Several state updates are here! Please read below to get caught up on all of the many state changes, along with some bug fixes:

State Compliance Updates
  • Florida: (Effective Immediately) Florida will add the “Pre- Need Funeral” line of authority (LOA) assignment to the following license classes:
    • Agent, for PDB display only.
Please review the new license, line of authority, and codes being implemented in the information below:
    • Entity type: Individual
    • License Class: Agent
    • License Class PDB: 1
    • Line of Authority: Pre-Need Funeral
    • LOA PDB: 410
  • Indiana: Effective September 15, 2023, Indiana will be adding Pharmacy Benefit Manager license to the Producer Database (PDB) for display purposes only. The new license will not be offered through the NIPR gateway for application. Please review the new license, line of authority, and codes being implemented in the information below:
    • Entity type: Firm
    • License Class: Pharmacy Benefit Manager
    • License Class PDB: 9674
    • Line of Authority: None
    • LOA PDB: 101
  • New Hampshire: Effective September 15, 2023, New Hampshire will require all Non-resident adjuster applicants to answer questions by providing the name of their employer. The following Non Uniform Question (NUQ) is required for Non-resident adjuster applicants for license types Non Resident Adjuster License, Non Resident Adjuster Renewal, Non Resident Adjuster License No Home State and Non Resident Adjuster Renewal No Home State. NUQ:
    • Description: All Adjuster applicants must supply the name of their employer.
    • Key Value: 1a
    • Value: Key Value 1a = Employer/Business Name (Alpha/Numeric/special characters, Limit = 100)
    • Entity Type: Individuals
    • Agent type: Adjuster
    • License Class: 5
    • Question is marked “Ask on Submission”  for License Class 5 so will not make existing Account Producer Detail records incomplete.
  • Washington: Effective September 22, 2023, Washington will begin asking a new Non Uniform Question (NUQ) for all individual Insurance Producers and Surplus Line Broker licensees. The questions will be required on the following application types: Resident Licensing, Resident Licensing Renewal, Non-Resident Licensing, Non-Resident Renewal. Please see below for details.
    • The question is marked “ask on submission” for License Classes 3 (Producer) and 535 (Surplus) so will not make existing individual PD records incomplete.
  • Georgia: Effective September 15, 2023, Georgia will add the Resident and Non-Resident Navigator license class for PDB display only. The Navigator licenses will not be offered through NIPR’s electronic licensing application. Please see below for the details:

    Entity Type: Individual
    • License Class Description: Resident Navigator
    • License Class PDB Code: 13334
    • LOA: Nav-Accident & Sickness
    • LOA PDB Code: 13140
Entity Type: Individual
    • License Class Description: Non-Resident Navigator
    • License Class PDB Code:13333
    • LOA: Nav-Accident & Sickness
    • LOA PDB Code: 13140
  • Mississippi: Effective September 15, 2023, Mississippi will begin asking a new required Non Uniform Question on Resident License Renewal (RLR) and Non-Resident Renewal (NRR) applicants for the following Individual license classes:
    • Insurance Producer
    • Limited Lines
    • Insurance Producer
    • Limited Lines Credit Insurance Producer
    • Automobile Club Agent
    • Legal Agent
    • Supervising General Agent
    • Surplus Lines Insurance Producer
    • Viatical Settlement Broker
    • Viatical Settlement Representative
    • Managing General Agent
    • Risk Retention Agent
    • Reinsurance Intermediary Manager
    • Reinsurance Intermediary Broker
    • Limited Lines Self-Storage Insurance Producer
    • Limited Lines Travel Insurance Producer

      *Note that only Insurance Producer and Surplus Lines Insurance Producer license classes are supported by Manage at this time so the question was set up to include only these license classes.State 

    • The question was marked “ask on submission” for license classes 89 (Producer) and 4437 (Surplus) so will not make existing individual PD records incomplete. 

Bugs Resolved 🐞

  • Resolved: Fixed for the Missing (Renewal) and (New License) at beginning of NUQ question text for (NY and GA).
  • Resolved: Fixed NUQ VT_6_I_4 - Agent Type should be Appraiser not Producer and question marked retired since Agent Type Appraiser is not yet supported by Manage.
  • Resolved: Update CMDT/Background/PA_2_I_8 to remove the (Renewal) from the beginning of question text in the description field. CMDT/Background Question Wording PA_2_I_8
  • Resolved: Fixed issue related to Variable Annuities as it shouldn’t be available to appoint because the FL license doesn’t hold this LOA. An incorrect Gateway LOA translation was retired and 2 new GWBR were added to allow this to behave as expected.
  • Resolved: UT GWBR should be marked as JIT.  All GWBR that UT appoints for were marked JIT so that customers are able to mark UT Company State Setting JIT and utilize JIT logic for UT appointments.
  • Resolved: CMDT: Change Renewal periods for IN in State Licensing settings.  Regular Renewal Period, Late Renewal Period, and Reinstatement period settings were corrected to match state rules for producers and surplus.


September 8th (38.1)

This Hot fix included several bug fixes to help make your Manage experience run smooth! 

  • RESOLVED: Fixed issue where user was unable to delete Profiles in Manage without an error: Future method cannot be called from a future or batch method.
  • RESOLVED: Fixed a nightly job - Nightly alert report retry not working correctly
  • RESOLVED: Appointment eligibility code null-dereference when there is a company with no Lines of authority selected
  • RESOLVED: AgentSync PostInstall Batch - Upsert Push Topics Error
  • RESOLVED: Delete Report Files from Failed Alert Logs when Duplicates was fixed as a result of a previous bug fix


August 31st (37.6)

Mississippi – Adding Non-Uniform Question

Beginning September 15th, Mississippi will be introducing a new non-uniform question for Resident License Renewals  and  Non-Resident Renewals. See below for the new question: 

Have you or any business in which you are or were an agent, owner, partner, officer or director of the business entity, or member or manager of a limited liability company, ever had an insurance agency contract or any other business relationship with an insurance company terminated for any alleged misconduct in any U.S jurisdiction? 

What you need to know:

Which Producers in AgentSync Manage will this impact?  

All producers that you require to hold a Resident License or Non-Resident License in Mississippi. If your producers answer background questions for any of these licenses, they will be directly impacted.

Why Does This Impact AgentSync Differently?

To license in AgentSync, all state-specific background questions must be answered.  You cannot apply for or renew licenses after Sept 15th for your producers until these questions are answered, not only for Mississippi but for all states.  ***This is a blocker: you will not be able to license in AgentSync for your producer until this question is answered.

Link to email 📤


August 11 (37.3)

 State Compliance Updates ✅
  • New York: Effective August 11, 2023, New York will make updates to the description for multiple license classes. These changes will cause the PDB and PIN codes to be updated. Note: All gateway products will be turned off starting August 10th, 2023, at 4 PM Central Time. Processing is expected to resume on August 11th, 2023, at approximately 9:30 AM Central Time. Any transaction submitted during this timeframe will be declined. For those transacting in NY they will need to enable the GWBR with the new license classes that they wish to continue to transact for.
:wrench: General
  • Georgia: Customers who want to appoint in GA for LC 532 can now set the related GWBR to active and transact for this License Class (and have it enabled).
  • Rhode Island: Correcting Independent Adjuster License class to be merged with Company/Independent Adjuster License Class. No longer a separate class.
    • Old question key value 1 was: “Are you a war veteran and requesting exemption from the state licensing fee and filing a DD214 form?” Note:  Other states may use “disabled veteran” but RI rule applies to war (or conflict) veteran” (This question has been retired in our metadata).
    • New question key value 2 is: “Are you a war veteran? If you select yes, you will be required to send your DD214 form for review and consideration. Note:  Other states may use “disabled veteran” but RI rule applies to war (or conflict) veteran.” (The answer value from old Retired Question above will be copied as the answer to the new Question. This will NOT make the Producer Detail incomplete.)
  • The release included a script to retire the old key value and add the new key value to existing PD records including adding the answer to the old key value to the new key value question.  PD records should not be marked incomplete due to this change as long as the scripts run successfully during install.
Updated LOA Categories:
  • Kansas GWBR Updated: Retired KS_3_68 and added KS_3_379 in GWBR to fix error in Appointment LOA code
  • Fixed Error for VI Non-resident Adjusters: Fixed 'Error: Applicant must answer state specific question A1A (4)' that would display when Non-resident Adjuster License DHS Transaction  is created for State of VI
  • Background Question for Bail Agent Type in WV: Edit CMDT/Background Question WV_1_I_4 to set agent type to Bail only and mark question retired since Manage does not yet support this agent type and no questions are added until Manage supports an agent type.


August 9 (37.1) 

Features / Enhancements ✨
  • Hierarchy Creation (Agent ID auto-create): It is important for customers to have visibility into their downlines to ensure that their sub agencies and/or producers are eligible to carry their product - based on the agreed service agreement between the entities. This feature leverages the existing Agent ID object to represent the hierarchy between producers and agencies. Additionally, we've included the ability to use a backfill job to automatically create Agent ID records without having to edit each individual Contact or Account record. 
  • Upline Eligibility View—We have introduced a new view on Quick Appoint screen titled ‘Upline Eligibility’. This view is behind the ‘Enable Appointment Eligibility through Uplines’ feature flag on the AgentSync Settings page. When the feature flag is enabled, and a user navigates to a contact, account, or user record and clicks ‘appoint’ in the view dropdown, there will be an option for ‘Upline Eligibility’. 
  • Producer SSO Between Manage and Contracting—When a customer has both Manage and Contracting, the Producer SSO feature enables producers to be able to log in to both Manage and Contracting using the same set of credentials (username and password, with MFA being handled on the Salesforce side via the Salesforce Authenticator app). This functionality is the first step in solving the problem of producers having to create and remember two sets of login credentials for Manage and Contracting, thereby accommodating for and building towards the vision of a world class producer experience in a more seamless experience between products.

Bugs Resolved 🐞
  • Resolved: Uncovering visibility to the Eligibility Status field after adding to the NIPR Transaction Object > Gateway Transaction page layout.
  • Resolved: Fixed a component error occurring intermittently while trying to edit contact information
  • Resolved: Fix for the use case of when going to ‘AgentSync Settings’ object in Package QA, customers were getting an error message saying “Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘toLowerCase’)
  • Resolved: Fix for when an agent logged in to their portal, when pressing "View" the page just refreshed the home page and did not bring the agent to the next page with their NIPR contact information.
  • Resolved: Fix for error emails for the update NPN by SSN job due to customers having bad data when customers had duplicate producers with the same first and last name and SSN, but only one record has an NPN.


July 16 (36.3)

Release 36 has some state updates, along with a few enhancements and one bug fix! The state compliance changes and updates are made in our secret sauce, our Custom Metadata (CMDT) with this release!

State Compliance Updates ✅
  • Colorado: Effective July 14th, 2023 Colorado Resident and Resident renewal applicants do not have to answer questions or submit documents regarding legal presence in the United States of America. AgentSync as marked all those questions retired, and a script will run when this package is installed to mark the questions retired on existing Producer Detail records. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or AgentSync Support if you would like to full list of the Colorado questions that are being retired.
  • Oregon: Oregon will begin asking a required non-uniform question for all Pharmaceutical Sales Representative applicants. The question will be on the Resident and No Home State licensing applications. AgentSync does not yet support this Agent Type. The question was not added into the Producer Detail records, so this release simply adds the License Class Mappings and related Gateway Business Rule to support if a customer has one of these licenses in their PDB data in the future.
  • Tennessee: This is a clean up in the CMDT in relation to an incorrect code in previous notice for the Crop Adjuster License Class, and the PDB/PIN code for the license class Crop Insurance Adjuster was rectified accordingly to 4314.
  • Kansas: Updated CMDT to account for Kansas preventing all Insurance Producer appointments for business entities from being submitted so that only valid appointment transactions are being submitted. They will only allow Credit, Car Rental or Portable Electronic appointments to be submitted for business entities.
Features / Enhancements ✨
  • Washington: AgentSync displays the correct error for Washington renewal errors, that the producer is not eligible for renewal (note that Washington doesn’t allow renewals within 10 days of expiration date) or if the producer also holds a surplus license. In this release we edited the Regular Renewal Period end date to -10 so WA licenses will now reflect an accurate Regular Renewal End Date.
  • Added LOA Mappings: a list of LOA Mappings were missing which results in the related license LOAs having a blank category.  These are all LOAs that cannot be transacted via NIPR Gateway and all licenses are for agencies. For a complete list of the LOA mappings, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or AgentSync Support. 
  • Added Missing Designated Home State License Class and Gateway Business Rules: Designated Home State License Class and Gateway Business rules missing for various states.  These License Classes cannot be transacted for on the NIPR Gateway but will now display the correct Agent Type if a customer has any licenses that include these License Classes. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or AgentSync Support for a full list of states and Licenses Classes updated.

Bugs Resolved 🐞

  • Resolved: A bug having the root cause in relation to LOA_1542 has LOA Category set to "variable_annuities" instead of "variable_annuity" has been fixed.


July 12th (36.2)

Features / Enhancements ✨
  • Removing Offline from Manage — New York was the only offline state supported in Manage. In a previous release, NY was updated to be a state that was supported through the NIPR gateway for Appointments. This removes the need for Offline appointments in Manage. In this release, we have removed ‘Offline’ in the key in the scorecard.

Bugs Resolved 🐞
  • Resolved: Apex error on User record when CRD is removed and User is activated at the same time
  • Resolved: SSN Validation for Designated Responsible Producers on Firm PD
  • Resolved: NPN validation is not accepting 3 digit NPN (Agent Upload)
  • Resolved: Sort of Expiration Date on Scorecard
  • Resolved: NPN Fails to Sync (limited customers)
  • Resolved: Adjuster DHS License. Required fields: Designated Home State and License ID
  • Resolved: FEIN Answer in MI State Specific Questions displays comma instead of "text"


June 22nd (35.1.1)

AgentSync is pleased to announce the arrival of Release 35, which includes two enhancements and two bug fixes to improve your experience along with some State updates. Please see below for more details.

State Compliance Updates

  • New York: The metadata has been updated so that now, for the state of New York, a carrier can terminate appointments even on an inactive license.
  • California: A metadata cleanup has been done for Gateway business rules CA_5153_101 and CA_91_101 to remove the Appointment LOA for both these rules. This means, in California for these License Classes, NIPR appointment transactions are not supported. This aligns with what is currently supported by NIPR today.
  • Maine: has added Self Storage Provider for PDB display only. In Manage a new License Class has been created: ME 13093
  • Missouri: has added a new LOA (13000) for Motor Vehicle Extended Services Contract. This has added a new LOA category into Manage. The category is Auto Service. As this is a new LOA Category, a post install step is required to add to the Line of Authority Category pick list value set.
  • Florida: the metadata has been updated with a Gateway Business rule (FL_9554_43) for Designated Home State Adjusters
  • Kansas: Kansas added and updated License Classes and LOAs for Third Party Administrator for Individuals and Business Entities.
Features / Enhancements ✨
  • Expanding Accepted Emails Values: The Agent Upload feature has been updated to be more flexible in the formatting of email addresses. Customers can now upload emails with domains that are longer than 3 characters and the upload is no longer case sensitive.
  • Bulk Appointment Utility Feature Setting: In the previous release we introduced enhancements to our bulk appointment utility. Included in the enhancement was a validation rule that limited appointments that are eligible to the States, LOAs and Companies as defined by the Producer Assignment. To enable this validation, an AgentSync Manage Setting has been added to the AgentSync Settings page. If marked as true, this validation check will be leveraged within the Bulk Appointment Utility.
Bugs Resolved 🐞
  • Resolved: Producer email addresses not pulling from NIPR (Only impacted a small number of customers)
  • Resolved: Agents cannot be uploaded via the Agent Upload feature if their email address begins with a capital letter.

June 13th (34.1)

AgentSync now refers to releases by number and year instead of level. Release 34 (formerly Release F) is now ready! 

This release includes notes from the Salesforce Summer release and its impact to our customers as well as the release of the enhanced Bulk Appointment Utility. With this enhancement we hope to bring a better experience to our customers and provide more clarity around appointment eligibility.

*Salesforce Summer Release Notes*

For every Salesforce release, the Manage Engineer team does a review of the new features and functionality to validate and understand any impact to Manage and our customers. For this release there are two Salesforce related issues that impact Manage. Only one of the two will directly impact our customers. In the issue that will impact our customers, we have implemented a resolution in our package until it can be fully resolved by Salesforce. AgentSync is working with Salesforce to understand timeline and resolution to the issues called out below. At this time, we can not report on any eta’s as provided by Salesforce.

  • Producer details for contacts and accounts are not properly loading
    • We have implemented a solution in the package so customers will not experience the error message from the Contact’s Producer Details object.
    • If you do experience this, refreshing the page, based on our findings, should allow for the Producer Details to load properly.

Manage Features / Enhancements ✨

  • Company State Settings Override - Today in Manage the Company record holds the LOA Categories that a Carrier appoints for across all states. In practice what a Carrier appoints for does not apply for all the states. For example, the Carrier might appoint for Property, Casualty and Personal lines but they only appoint for Property and Casualty in North Carolina, not Personal Lines. Prior to this release, Manage would allow Carriers and our eligibility to make appointments actionable for all LOA Categories the Carrier supported for all states they supported, not allowing for states specific rules. Now, Carriers can override their supported LOA’s at the state level. A new field, LOA Category Override, has been added to the Company State Settings object.
    • Please note, the new field has to be added to the Company State Setting Page layout manually. The field will be blank by default. If this feature has not been enabled and you would like to have it turned on, please contact
  • Bulk Appointment Utility Update - The Bulk Appointment Utility can be leveraged to support the automation of appointment transactions to NIPR. In this release we have iterated on the original Utility to better fit the needs of customers. If you would like a full list of the updates, please reach out to your CSM or 
    Bugs Resolved 🐞
    • Resolved: Can't Deactivate User when AgentSync Profile Object Exists
    • Resolved: Immediately submit to NIPR popup
    • Resolved: Invalid values found: Agent NPN is too short
    • Resolved: Correct return result when Bulk Appointment Utility is called from flow
    • Resolved: Incorrect Eligibility Response Received for Requests with NIPR Tracking = Inactive
    • Resolved: Transactions Created for Producers with Inactive R Licenses
    • Resolved: SD Appointment Incorrectly Showing as Actionable


    May 11th (33.2)

    This latest feature, Release E, release includes features for Agencies, adding NIPR Attestation acceptance and improvements on Producer Assignment Details. As always we bash a few bugs in every release.
     Features / Enhancements ✨
    • NIPR Attestation Now Available on Producer Details - NIPR requires producers to accept NIPR’s Attestation. Previously, Manage did not display this attestation and required producers to accept, so that agencies and agents stay compliant with NIPR rules. Customers can now opt to enable this feature in their Producer Details by turning on NIPR Attestation in the AgentSync Settings.
    • Removing editing ability of the Producer Assignment Details from the Scorecard
    • Updated location of Backfill Permission One Off Job - Previously a one off job ‘Backfill Permission Sets on Portal Users’ was included in the list of features that could be enabled or disabled by an admin in the AgentSync Settings Page. Following this release, the Backfill Permission sets on Portal Users will be listed in the picklist as a one off batch job that can be run as an Admin and not a unique feature listed to ‘Run Job’
    • Field Label Update: AgentSync Attempt to NIPR Attempt - On the Contact, Account and User objects we have relabeled AgentSync Attempt to NIPR Attempt. As we expand the data sources we are ingesting into Manage for Compliance i.e. FINRA, WebCe, we need to be more specific in how we label our fields to identify sync timing by data source vs it being genetically labeled as AgentSync
    • Email is no longer required for Uploads - For both the AgentSync CSV upload for Agents and the Learn Upload, we have removed the requirement of including an email address for each Agent. This was based on direct feedback from multiple customers, that this data point was not required by them in creating a user and how they leveraged that information in Manage.
    Bugs Resolved 🐞
    • Resolved: Manage producer assignment on User record shows same error twice
    • Resolved: On People record, changing the Producer assignment to another Individual Producer assignment is displaying two error messages on the same field.
    • Resolved: Refactor TestGatewayTransactionUtility
    • Resolved: Termination transaction is not picking up life when submitted for life & health


    May 3rd (32.3)

    State Updates are back! In this release we have included state updates for South Carolina and California. Also included are a few resolutions to production bugs that impacted AgentSync's metadata.
    • South Carolina: South Carolina will no longer offer the Adjuster Auto Physical Damage and Auto Liability lines of authority for the initial license application. A couple Gateway Business Rules were retired
    • California: California updated LOA Descriptions for Non-Resident and Resident Life Settlement Brokers from Brokering Life Settlements to Life Settlement Broker. Reinsur Intermediary Broker has been updated from Disability. A few Gateway Business Rules were created and a couple were retired
    • Resolved: Several metadata related bugs were fixed in this release where we updated LOA Mappings, LOA Categories, and License Class Mappings.


    April 26th (32.1)

    Release D included several feature updates for AgentSync's beta products that are not yet available to the general public - FINRA & Learn. If you or your organization has any interest in being an AgentSync Beta Customer (giving you early access to our products with the expectation that you will provide feedback to the AgentSync team), please reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM), Account Executive (AE) or 
    Features / Enhancements
    • FINRA (beta) - CRD Validation: To make sure compliance admins and registered reps are starting with the right data, we are introducing CRD Validation. A user will be able to enter in a CRD and receive basic bio information and current registered Firm. 
    • FINRA (beta) - Registered Firm Validation: With this feature, carriers can report and be alerted when a rep becomes registered with a new Firm. The field indicator is found on the FINRA Profile object and will be reevaluated based on data changes from FINRA or a SFDC hierarchy change.
    • Learn (beta) - Data Sync from Data Core: The first effort pushes data from the Learn API (Data Core) to Manage. There is a nightly sync with WebCE of all NPNs in any customer org that has the Learn feature flag turned on. The data that is synced from WebCE includes a Producer’s completed courses which our Data Core team uses to validate whether the Producer has met their resident state’s continuing education statutory requirements.
    • Learn (beta) LWC:  A Learn LWC will display a Learn Data Summary on the Contact, License and Producer Detail Flow
    • Learn (beta) - CE Verified: A Learn Report Card is generated for all contact records in a customer org. In its current state it will show the CE Verified indicator to mark whether someone has or has not completed CE. In a fast follow, when CE Due Date is available from the Learn API it will be housed on this page.
    • Learn (beta) - NIGO Warning: If a user attempts to submit a resident license renewal for a Producer who has not completed CE, Manage will alert them that the transaction will likely fail. This was created to solve for feedback from customers who were left uncertain as to why transactions were failing in Manage.
    Bugs Resolved 🐞
    • Resolved - Transactions stuck in processing when submitting more than 5 at a time
    • Resolved - View BrokerCheck showing for Users when FINRA is disabled
    • Resolved - FinalBatchAccessServiceV2 job fails when Access response contains no NPNs


    April 14th (31.3)

    The 4/14 Release is a State Update release. The impacted states are: Illinois, Washington, and New York. Please see below for details on each state:

    • Illinois: Illinois has added offerings of electronic processing for License Classes: Portable Electronics, Limited Lines, Premium Finance, Third Party Administrator Employee Leasing Company, Viatical Settlement, Public Adjuster, Pharmacy Benefit manager. Please note these are not supported License Classes for license or appointment transactions in Manage. The following updates were made to keep our metadata up to date for translating PDB reports.
    • Washington: Washington will no longer allow backdating for appointments and will ignore any requested effective dates. The effective date will be the date the transaction is approved. Based on AgentSync’s conversation with the WA DOI, Washington will still be a JIT state, but as stated previously, will no longer accept a date prior to the submission date of the appointment.
    • New York: New York will be temporarily removing the non-uniform background question NY_3_B_5 which was added in mid January. Because we confirmed that this question will be coming back in the future, we will move the question to not-required. This will limit the number of producers impacted to new producers who do not answer the question.

    April 10th (31.2)

    Release C is here with some major news! AgentSync Manage now supports New York Appointments through the NIPR Gateway! This means you will no longer have to go outside of Manage to submit NY appointments. There are also some great behind the scenes updates as well as several bug fixes! 

    Features / Enhancements ✨

    • Support NY RL/NRL Appointments via NIPR Gateway - Manage now supports NY appointments through the NIPR Gateway. Customers can submit appointments for NY in the same way they do all other states through the ‘quick appoint’, Bulk Appointment utility and Scorecard. NY is the last offline state in Manage. After this release, Manage no longer has any offline states that it will/is supporting.
    • FINRA Beta: Improvements to a Contacts Related Firm look up based on the Firm CRD provided by FINRA through the Validation Registration API as well as improvements to FINRA profile creation and active status.
    • Schedule Daily Async Job Delete enables scheduling a job to automatically delete Async Job records, which are used internally by AgentSync to perform and audit asynchronous operations. Automatically deleting them helps reduce data storage usage and eliminates unnecessary data retention, so it should be turned on.
    • Replace Temporary fix for OrgLimits test is a backend change that fixes a bug with packaging, which is not visible to subscribers, and has no impact.
    • Remove addSubscription call from post-install as this post-install is no longer required in Manage

    Bugs Resolved 🐞

    • Resolved - Developer script exception
    • Resolved - NY Appointment records list source as Registry
    • Resolved - Agent CSV Import Tool - Receives row limit error when 999 rows include to create only the contact records
    • Resolved - Apex CPU Time Limit Exceeded Bulk Terminations
    • Resolved - Scorecard: Turning Off Show/All filter should not hide ‘Approved’ rows
    • Resolved - When changing an address on PDR, "County" field is required when "Same as Mailing Address" is toggled
    • Resolved - Updating data does not Auto-Refresh components, still show old data
    • Resolved - Unable to Change AgentSync Transaction Type field Value
    • Resolved - Producer Details flow: Multiple scroll bars shown within manage details flow
    • Resolved - Component Error around FINRA components
    • Resolved - CT NR Renewal Transaction Phone Numbers Submitted with Special Characters
    • Resolved - Multi-LOA exception (state requirement) issues - "Life" not Included on CA Transaction even though it was Selected
    • Resolved - Error Email cleanup
    • Resolved - Bulk Appointment Utility Flow Error
    • Resolved - Use getAll method to getNameSpaceString vs SOQL
    • Resolved - Errors when Changing Field on Custom Object because of AgentSync Profiles
    • Resolved - Missing LOA Translation for NY_711_1857
    • Resolved - Producer Detail: Start Date text box is misaligned in Manage PD flow for Contact and People


    March 31st (30.3)

    Release B is here! This release contains some great enhancements on existing features in Manage, such as the Scorecard and the Agent CSV Upload template. We've also included some enhancements to our backend "secret sauce" and have resolved several bugs.

    Features / Enhancements ✨

    • Language Update on Producer Details Flow: We have updated the header title on the Producer Details flow to now say Optional instead of Ask On Submission in the Background Section. This means state specific questions will now have only two sections - Required and Optional. 
    • Refresh Individual Scorecards: Each scorecard can now be individually recalculated based on the latest data in Manage by clicking a "Refresh" button. A new ‘Last Refresh Date’ on the scorecard will indicate to the administrator when the scorecard was last recalculated. 
    • Removing Not_Applicable for Agent Upload Template: Not_Applicable is not a valid category for LOAs when creating a Producer Assignment. If selected, scorecards will not be calculated correctly. We have removed Not_Applicable in the template to not cause confusion when creating the template for Agent Upload.
    • Custom Metadata Effective Dating: AgentSync leverages SFDC metadata to hold all of the state's compliance rules and translations. With this release, we are including effective dating to all metadata records. This will help support our customers in the number of releases they will need to install. Before this release, all metadata changes had to be released on the effective data of the state change. Now we will be able to have some flexibility around releases.
    • Email Alerts when non successful NPN subscription update in Manage: AgentSync will receive an email if there is an unsuccessful call to pull in data on the backend of Manage. This email will provide AgentSync Engineers with troubleshooting moving forward. This is a backend change that will not affect the user interface of Manage. 
    • AgentSync V2 Endpoints: This work will introduce a feature parameter that will control whether a Manage instance uses v1 or v2 Access endpoints.  From the perspective of a user, there are no new "features" added by this work.  This work is just enabling us to configure a manage instance to pull producer data from different endpoints on AgentSync's backend

    Bugs Resolved 🐞

    • Resolved: Update email validation to allow apostrophes
    • Resolved: State-Specific Background questions setting enabled shows 3 'optional' sections
    • Resolved: Estimated Fees are not shown properly
    • Resolved: AgentSync Transaction Type = None, PD displays unclear error
    • Resolved: Scorecards: Error should be displayed on changing the Producer Assignment from Scorecard details, to another non-generic Producer Assignment
    • Resolved: Producer Detail: SSN validation and Biographic information error
    • Resolved: Same NPN Able to be Added to Multiple Account Records (limited customer impact)
    • Resolved: Remove Edit Button from License Scorecard

    March 10th (29.3)

    3/10 is our next State Update. This State update release will impact the following states: Utah, New Jersey, Missouri, New York and Florida. Please see below for more detail on these changes:
    What's included in the State Updates Release? (March 10th)
    • Utah: Utah added Title LOAs for Non-resident Producers for both Individuals and Firms. Utah also added the ability for Title appointments and terminations. Metadata was updated to reflect these changes. (Please note, Manage does not support NIPR transactions for license, appointments and terminations for Title).
    • New Jersey: New Jersey added Third Party Billing and Third Party Billing Service for Resident, Non-Residents, Resident Renewals and Non-resident Renewals for both Individuals and Firms. Metadata was updated to reflect these changes.(Please note, Manage does not support NIPR transactions for license, appointments and terminations for Third Party Billing (TPA)).
    • Missouri: Missouri added Travel Business Entity License for Residents, Non-Residents, Resident Renewals and Non-resident Renewals for Firms. Metadata was updated to reflect these changes. (Please note, Manage does not support NIPR transactions for license, appointments and terminations for Travel).
    • New York: We added the ability to support internal appointments for the following NY LC and LOAs. The following LC and LOA gateway business rules have been updated in our metadata. (Please note, Manage only supports the following LOAs for appointments (Property, Casualty, Personal Lines, Life, Health, Variable Annuity and Variable Life))
      • Sublicensee Producer 6613 for LOAS:
        • 928 (Personal Lines)
        • 119(Baggage)
        • 11(Casualty)
        • 420 (Excess/Surplus Lines)
        • 16 (Life)
        • 92 (Travel Accident)
        • 1855(Reinsurance Intermediary)
        • 12 (Property)
        • 373 (Adjusting-General)
        • 14 (Accident & Health)
        • 1857 (Variable Life/Variable Annuity)
    • Florida: A new exception rule has been added for Variable Life. If a Producer (FL_1) has Life (16), Florida categories the producer eligible for Variable Life within the Life LOA. This will impact scorecard eligibility.


    February 27th (29.1)

    Release A is ready! This release has some great enhancements to existing feature to make setup and visibility more clear to our admins. As always we include a few bugs that have been bashed. This is also the first release that we are including Salesforce Async Architectural changes. This is HUGE for Manage and our customers as we both scale. 

    • DHS Indicator on Scorecard - On Scorecard, when an adjuster NPN has a DHS license, admins will now see a the DHS state listed in the header of the scorecard as well as a unique indicator on the scorecard row, so the administrator can easily see the state in which the Adjuster holds their DHS license.
    • Updated LOA Category Selection for 'Not Applicable' - For both Producer Assignments and Company, users will no longer be able to select 'Not Applicable'. This is going to fix the downstream impacts this incorrect set up can have on features such as scorecard.
    • FINRA Beta Messaging based on permissions and Feature Flags - FINRA features now have proper messaging based on the users permissions and the orgs feature flag settings. This is to help the user understand why they might not have access to certain features and or data.
    • On the 2/17 release we missed not clearing the answer for the renewal CA 3 question as the language did change, which would impact how a producer answers the question. For Release A if a producer has the answer of 'yes' for CA 3 for the renewal questions, we will be removing this answer and the producer will have to answer this question based on the new language, 'that was not previously reported to the state'. Most customers have received the 28.17.3 patch (the fix for the incident). If a customer did receive the patch, they will have no impact in Release A. If they didn't receive the patch, we will be removing the answer to the CA 3 renewal question if the answer is 'yes' in Release A.


    February 17th (28.17):

    • Resolved - AgentSync admin unable to appoint for WA, AL and SC due to missing address info, which should not be a blocker
    • Resolved - License Scorecard - Not presenting rows with license out of Reinstatement period as actionable when it is possible to apply as a new license
    • Resolved - NPN validation not accepting 3 digit NPN
    • Resolved - Eligible Renewals not Actionable on Scorecard
    • Resolved - Producer Detail: Designated Home State and License number should be required if a NPN does not have an Adjuster RL
    • Resolved - Scorecard should be visibility indicating Designated Home State
    • Resolved - "A Component Error has Occurred" error after Submitting Transactions


    February 16th (28.15):

    • California has updated their requirement for NUG CA 3 to have distinct language new license and renewals. AgentSync previously had a question for New License that was retired in a prior release. If a producer has already answered this question, prior to it being retired, they won't have to re answer the question, unless the answer to the question has changed
    • AgentSync has updated the question for CA 3 for renewals to include (Renewal)  at the start of the question so that the producer understands why the are being asked a similar question for CA. For renewals the question language is: "Have you been convicted of a crime which has not been previously reported to the California Department of Insurance." vs the new license questions: "Have you been convicted of a crime?"
    • Georgia has re instated Non Uniform Question (NUQ) GA 4 for firms for non resident license renewals. There has been an update to then language that impacts how a Firm should answer the question. Because of the change in language, this question will not hold previous answers, as those answers don't relate to the new question being asked. Firms will need to answer this question to be able to transaction for license through Manage.

    February 10th (28.12):

    • Delaware, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands are all removing the requirement of providing the SSN when submitting transactions for appointments and termination. 
    • Updated LOA Categories on LOAs in our meta data. LOA categories are part of our secret sauce and how we are helping the industry normalize all the different state nomenclature. The LOA's that were updated are as follows:
    • LOA_1611 0814 NON RES LIFE AND VA was life, now life;variable_annuity
    • LOA_1612 0815 NON RES LIFE HLTH AND VA was life, now life;variable_annuity
    • LOA_400 L & A & H & V was life;health, now life;health;variable_life;variable_annuity
    • LOA_401 L & A & P & C & V was life;health;property;casualty now life;health;property;casualty;variable_life;variable_annuity
    • LOA_4653 LIFE & ANN - HISTORICAL 001 was life now life;annuity

    January 31st (28.11):

    A small but impactful release. During regression testing of the new Salesforce Spring 23 release, we found a Salesforce bug that impacted our Producer Details and the ability to save Employment History.  We were able to resolve this issue before the SFDC blackout period.

    January 29th (28.10):

    The next bug bash is here! In this release we resolve 10 production issues. 
    What's included?
    • Resolved - New Producer Assignment for a People record throws error
    • Resolved - Producer Assignments: Removing LOA from the second screen removes some States
    • Resolved - Indicate Scorecard is inactive if Producer Assignment is not present
    • Resolved - Cannot reorder Custom fields on the Producer Detail record
    • Resolved - (Beta Fix) FINRA LWC Shows related FIRM when FINRA is disabled and CRD has not yet Synced
    • Resolved - (Beta Fix) License Scorecard- Actionable column still shows red X after Transaction creation, if the CRD is not registered for FINRA in the State
    • Resolved - Custom FINRA Permissions gets auto added to profiles on package upgrade
    • Resolved - Update error email handling to include non-truncated subject in body
    • Resolved - Fix null-dereference in ProducerTriggerHandler
    • Resolved - AgentSync Settings page errors and fails to load when chatter group ID not populated in custom setting

    January 12th (28.8):

    State updates are coming (1/13/23)! Part of what we do in Manage is keep all state rules, codes, background questions up to date in our secret sauce. We normally get at least one state update a month.

    Some are big, like when a state converts to SBS (there will be no SBS conversions this year) or more minor like retiring a rule or background question.In this release Georgia, New York and Maryland are all making updates. Georgia and New York are adding new background questions and Maryland is no longer requiring SSN for appointments and terminations.

    This release will impact our Agency customers. When we add new background questions, that are required, Producer Details become incomplete. If Producer Details are incomplete, a Manage admin can no longer transact for the given agent. It is the responsibility of the producers the answer the new questions. Manage does have a feature 'state specific background questions' where admins can made state specific background questions optional for states outside the an agents Producer Assignment. This means if NY and GA are not in an agents Producer Assignment, their Product Details will remain complete.

    For the Maryland update, Carriers will no longer see the eligibility exception message stating that SSN is required for appointments and terminations for the state of Maryland.

    Learn more about background question updates here.

    December 28th, 2022 (28.7):

    This release, known as "bug bash 4" resolved 7 bugs in AgentSync Manage:

    • Resolved - Unable to Successfully use the ProducerDetailController in a Flow
    • Resolved - Producer Assignment: Adding surety to PA results in error
    • Resolved - Producer Detail: AL Questions not displayed on Manage Producer Detail for residents of AL
    • Resolved - Add in Multiselect Capability to Background Question. Example Questions CA 8 and PA 3
    • Resolved - Remove automatic postinstall 'checkForCustomPermissionAssignments'
    • Resolved - Fix isPersonAccount query in post-install job for agentsync profiles
    • Resolved - CreateAgentSyncProfiles duplicate value found: agentsync__Related_Producer_External_Id__c

    December 16th, 2022 (28.6):

    • Enhanced Data Sync Visual Component: This component is available to all AgentSync users. It can be added to the Contact, User or Account page layouts. 
      • For the component to display on the page layout, a post install set is required to update the page layout. Steps are listed in the Post Install Steps section below.
      • For new customers/installs, the component will standardly available on the AgentSync page layout
      • Optional: Admins can add filter criteria on the page layout to determine when a data source should be displayed. An example might be for our ISV customers. Our ISV customers use the contact object in SFDC for a variety of use cases outside of Manage. For the use cases outside of Manage, they don't want all contacts to display this component. For new customers/installs, the component will standardly available on the AgentSync page layout.  An admin can set the filter to be as follows to control when the component is displayed:
    • Resync Data: Gone are the days when a user must remove the NPN, save and repopulate the NPN in order to resync the NPN!  A user can now move a sync status from active to inactive to resync their data. In a release quick to follow, a user can select the refresh button next to the data source they want to resync. An added bonus, is this does not remove all existing license and appointment records first. It only changes existing records and adds new records based on what comes back in the sync. This means registry and internal appointments will no longer be lost when an NPN resync is needed.
      • If the NPN is changed on a record, a sync will be triggered for the new NPN
      • If the NIPR tracking is moved to inactive and later moved to active, a sync will be triggered
      • If an invalid NPN is entered, an error will be presented indicating an invalid NPN and the NIPR tracking cannot be moved to active. 

    See here for a quick video!

    • Post Install Steps: Do you install your own AgentSync releases as part of your larger Salesforce org?  Here are your post-install steps for this new release.  You may notice some new objects and permission sets in your org - stay tuned, as we are looking to launch some new features in the future related to those updates!  

    December 16th, 2022 (28.6): Bug and CMDT Updates

    This current release has some key updates to our Gateway Mappings.  The most notable updates are listed below:

    • North Carolina Adjuster Types converted to new CMDT business mappings to support new updates.
    • Ask on submission question for Louisiana added for adjusters and claim adjuster agency.
    •  Hawaii SBS conversion metadata updates were made after NIPR communicated a correction.  Hawaii does not allow new and renewal DHS transactions via NIPR.
    • Florida added customer service representative license class for PDB.  AgentSync does not support the transacting of this license class, but the updates will allow this class to be visible for license verification purposes.
    • West Virginia background question language updated.  The WV background question has the same key value, but updated wording.

    November 23rd, 2022 (27.8 and 27.9):

    • Minor bug fixes around ask on submission questions resolved.
    • Minor bug fixes resolved around missing non-uniform questions resolved for some customers.

    November 18th, 2022 (27.7):

    • Resolved: Renewal questions disappeared from producer detail after 27.5 release. Questions were previously answered and PDRs have transactions submitted.

    November 16th, 2022 (27.6):

    • Resolved - Missing ask on submission background question 2A for Puerto Rico for LC 3494 and LC 18. 
    • Resolved - Missing ask on submission background question 15D for VA Resident License Surplus renewal.
    • Resolved - Now if a company does not appoint for Surety and the Surety associated row on the Appointment scorecard, for the given company, will not be actionable. The status of the row will be 'no_match'
    • Resolved - KS Late renewal date now reflects -90 days after the expiration date of the license.
    • Resolved - Missing ask on submission background question for GU for Variable Lines. This question is populated with provided CRD found on the contact record. (this will not make the Producer Details incomplete)
    • Resolved - GW business rule CA_5153_101 is now unretired
    • Resolved - The Agent Type for CA_21 has been corrected to display as Public Adjuster. Previously it displayed Adjuster
    • Resolved - AL license renewal date now reflects Oct 1 - Dec 31 in even years for Business Entities with Agent Type Adjusters, Producer and Surplus
    • Resolved - FL has added Emergency Adjuster offering for PDB display. This introduced a new LC FL_2315 and a new GW business rule FL_2315_518
    • Resolved - The close button on the Termination Selection form is now functioning as expected
    • Resolved - The Agent Type for VI_20 has been updated to display as Adjuster. Previously it was Producer
    • Resolved - The Agent Type for ID_3 has been updated to display as Producer;Surety. Previously it was Producer

    November 15th, 2022 (27.5): 

    West Virginia Release: 
    • West Virginia Added Bail Bonds via NIPR - Manage currently does not support bail but LC 3260 and LC 3267 alongside GW business rules WV_3260_3162 and WV_3267_3163 have been added in order to properly set Agent Type and LOA Category on these licenses if they are received via PDB.
    • Background question WV_1_I_4 is added that will apply to individual producer NRL transactions (major lines only) as well as Adjuster and Surplus NRL transactions. This is ask on submission and will not cause the producer details to become incomplete.
    Hawaii SBS Release (27.4): 
    • Hawaii is converting to SBS which means a lot of License Classes, GW Business Rules, etc. are retired or added as a result. 

    November 7th, 2022 (27.1):

    • NIPR is migrating to new API endpoints in November. This will result in a more stable connection with AgentSync and a better experience.  AgentSync will be updating the API Endpoints in OEM orgs on November 13 and customers must schedule a meeting with us for 15 minutes to update their WebService ID.
    • Any AgentSync ISV customers, it is critical that their Salesforce Administrator updates the NIPR Endpoints in AgentSync by November 13.Failure to complete the steps below will result in AgentSync orgs disconnecting from NIPR after November 13. You will not be able to use AgentSync if these steps are not completed.

    November 3rd, 2022 (27.2): 

    • We have updated for consistency and clarity across the product. Now all fields that were labeled as 'Categories', are now labeled 'LOA Categories'. 
    • The legacy experience for creating a Producer Assignment now properly warns a user they are in the wrong spot and directs them to where they can create a new Producer Assignment. 
    • Ask on submission questions will now be presented to producers at the time of onboarding. The questions will not be required BUT it makes for a much better user experience for both the producers and admins. No longer does the admin have to call up a producer to ask 'Are you blind?' to be able to submit for a license renewal.
    • Sometimes appointment rows on the scorecard are not actionable without explanation. In a lot of cases it's because something on the Company record or Company State settings is set to make that state or LOA not eligible. The Company set up happens during implementation, and it's easy to set it and forget it. To help or customers troubleshoot why the row is not actionable, we have made the listed Company a hyperlink to direct them to the record to learn more.
    • Also included in this release are a few State updates for the following states: FL, VI, VT, WV, SD, IA. There are two new background questions. 
    • We have gotten a lot of feedback on our batch view of transactions. Prior to this release, our customers (and autopilot team) had to drill into each transaction to understand what was being submitted within the a transaction. Now in the batch view an admin will be able to see the Agent Type and LOAs submitted within that Transaction. 
    • We have added to our warning banner on the license record to flag a user if the expiration date has passed, making the license expired.