Can I Enable State-Specific Background Questions?

The short answer is: YES! AgentSync Manage allows you to make irrelevant state-specific background questions optional for your producers! 

Your producers can either answer the state-specific background questions for every state/territory, or they can answer a selection of state-specific background questions based on their producer assignment. Follow the steps below to enable state-specific background settings in your Manage org:

Please Note: This process will make all state-specific background questions that are not listed on a Producer Assignment become optional for all producer's with a Producer Assignment. Please discuss this action internally before taking taking the below steps. 

Step 1: Click the App Launcher 9-dotted square  in the top left corner of your Manage screen. 

Step 2: Type AgentSync Settings into the search bar and click the option listed under Items

Step 3: In the General Settings section, scroll down until you see the State-Specific Background Questions label

Step 4: Click the Circle Icon next to the State-Specific Background Questions label to enable this feature

AgentSync Tip: If the icon next to State-Specific Background Questions is a Green Flag, this feature is already enabled! To turn off State-Specific Background Questions, click the Green Flag. 

You're done! To receive the benefit of this feature, you can now create Producer Assignments. Once created, only the states listed on the Producer Assignment will require the state-specific background questions to be answered. All other state-specific questions will be optional. 


Not sure how to create a Producer Assignment? Click here to learn how!