How to Offboard a Producer in AgentSync Manage

Have an Agent that is no longer affiliated with your company? Deactivate their tracking with AgentSync Manage to no longer receive daily NIPR updates regarding this producer.

Offboarding Checklist:

  1. Carrier Customers Only: Terminate all appointments for this producer and confirm that the terminations were processed before deactivating the NPN
  2. Disable your producer's portal seat
  3. Deactivate your producer's NPN


1. Terminate All Appointments

This step is for Carrier Customers Only. If you do not appoint producers, you may skip this step.

Step 1: Type the name of the Individual Producer (Contact) or Firm (Account) that you seek to terminate an appointment for in the Global Search Bar at the top of your Manage screen

AgentSync Note: The producer must have "NIPR tracking" set as active before terminating the producer.

Step 2: Click the name in the preview that has the label of Contact (Individual Producer) or Account (Firm) under the name. 

AgentSync Tip: Don't see your producer's Contact or Account record in the preview? Try clicking "Show more results for" at the bottom of the preview.

Step 3: Select the Terminate button on the top right corner of the Contact or Account record. If you don't see it, click the down arrow for additional options. 

Step 4: A pop-up will appear and will display all appointments that are eligible for termination.

Step 5: Use the check boxes to select all appointments you wish to terminate to terminate for the producer.  Be sure to confirm the state, company, class and LOA.

Step 6: Select a Termination Reason from the drop down for each state. 

AgentSync Tip: AgentSync will only show you termination reasons that are accepted by each individual state, so you don't need to worry about submitting an ineligible termination reason! 

Step 7: If the state allows backdating Termination Date, you will have the option to select an Effective Date. Keep in mind that each state determines how far you are allowed to backdate. 

AgentSync Tip: Our Compliance Library is a repository of state rules and nuances all in one place! Click here to verify effective date rules for each state if you are unsure. 

Step 8: After selecting the terminations, reasons and dates (when applicable) for your producer, click Submit

Step 9: After submitting your terminations, you will be automatically redirected to the NIPR Transaction page.

AgentSync runs a real-time eligibility check with NIPR to confirm that this producer is eligible for terminations. If the termination says Ready to Submit, this means that you can submit the transaction!  If you see any other message, click here to learn more what they may mean.

Step 10: Select which transactions you would like to submit terminations for in the Actionable Transactions section. You can select all Ready to Submit transactions by selecting the checkbox next to the Transaction Name, or you can select each line individually.

Step 11: Click Submit Transactions

Step 12: AgentSync may want you to confirm the cost of submitting transactions. If the cost looks good, click Submit 


2. Disable Your Producer's Portal Seat

Step 1: Navigate to your producer's Contact record by typing their name in the Global Search Bar at the top of your screen

Step 2: Click the name of your producer with the label Contact under the name

AgentSync Tip: Don't see your producer's Contact record in the preview? Try clicking Show more results for at the bottom of the preview.

Step 3: Click Disable Customer User in the top right corner of the screen. 

Don't see Disable Customer User?  This could be because:

  • You may need to click the "more" dropdown arrow to see the full set of options
  • Their portal access was already disabled.
  • You may not have the permissions.  If that is the case, email us at and we will assign permissions to log in as a customer user.

AgentSync Warning: Disabling portal access is permanent and cannot be reinstated. If you need to temporarily deactivate a producer's portal access, please reach out to for assistance. 

That's it! Your producer will no longer have access to the portal.


3 Deactivate a Producer's NPN

AgentSync Tip: In addition to following these steps, Carrier customers must also terminate the appointments associated with the Producer in AgentSync to discontinue AgentSync Tracking.  We recommend waiting until all terminations are processed and approved before deactivating the producer's NPN.

Step 1: Search for the Contact or Account record of the Producer or Agency by typing their name in the Global Search Bar at the top of your screen.

Step 2: Click on the name of your producer with the word "Contact" or "Account" directly below the name.

AgentSync Tip: Can't find your producer's Contact or Account record? Click "Show more results" at the bottom of the preview. 

AgentSync Tip: This example will use the contact record. However, you can deactivate AgentSync tracking on the user or account record using the same steps!

Step 3: On the Contact record, click the pencil icon next to the NIPR Tracking field.

Step 4: Change the dropdown value selection to Inactive

Step 5: Click "Save."

AgentSync Tip: Have a finite number of portal seats?  Don't forget to "disable portal user" to open a portal seat up to this producer.  Additionally, they will no longer be able to access the portal after being offboarded. Click here for instructions on disabling portal users.

And you have now deactivated NIPR Tracking on your producer! This Producer will no longer be included in billing. However, the Producer information will stay within your Manage org for auditing purposes, unless actively deleted.

Offboarding producers in bulk?

Watch the below video to learn how to deactivate the NIPR Tracking for multiple producers at one time!