I Have a License Within its Renewal Period, but It Is Not Showing Up on My Producer Scorecard

Question: I have a license that is within its renewal period but the scorecard is not allowing me to apply for a new license.

The Producer Compliance Scorecard is a powerful tool that brings in data from multiple sources to show you an easy view of what licenses and/or appointments must be applied for. Because there is so much heavy lifting on the back end, it is a best practice to always refresh the Scorecard to ensure all data is up to date. 

Step 1: Navigate to the Contact or User record of your producer depending on your process by typing their name in the Global Search Bar

Step 2: Click on the name of your producer with the label Contact or User, depending on your internal processes

AgentSync Tip: Don't see your producer's Contact (or User) record in the preview? Try clicking "Show more results for" at the bottom of the preview.

 Step 3: On the Contact or User record, scroll down to confirm the field AgentSync Producer Assignment is populated with something.

If the AgentSync Producer Assignment field is blank, you will not have access to a Scorecard. Please click here to login and learn about creating and editing Producer Assignments. 

Step 4: Your producer's synced NPN and Producer Assignment will automatically generate a Producer Compliance Scorecard - showing the percentage of appointments your producer has (found in NPN sync) and compares that to the states, LOAs and companies listed on the Producer Assignment. 

Step 5: Find your Scorecard by scrolling down to the Producer Compliance Scorecard related list on the Contact record.

Step 6: Click the hyperlinked SCORE-XXXX number

Step 7: Scroll to the bottom of the Scorecard and click the Refresh button to ensure all data you see is up to date. 

AgentSync Tip: Need a walkthrough of what is on the Scorecard? Click here to head to our AgentSync Academy to learn more!

Still Not Seeing the License to Renew/Apply For?

There are two reasons that your producer scorecard is not flagging your license as renewable.  

  • The state you hope to renew is not on your Producer Assignment.  Review your agent's producer assignment on their contact or user record to confirm that the state was included.  The producer assignment indicates what will be on the Producer Scorecard. Click here for more information on editing a Producer Assignment.
  • Double check state rules.  Recently, states have been moving renewal deadlines to accommodate to the pandemic.