Why Is My Producer's Appointment not Available in Manage?

This article will walk through the reasons that your requested state, line of authority, or company is not available to appoint in AgentSync Manage.

Appointment Nuances (4)


Note: If the state you are trying to appoint in has updated their licensing system (like moving to a State Based System, or SBS), your producer may have two licenses - once active and one inactive. Please reach out to support@agentsync.io for assistance.

Went through this list and still don't see your appointment?  This likely has to do with your Gateway Settings.  This means that AgentSync did not turn on the appropriate codes on the backend to appoint for this specific state and line of authority combination.

Don't worry though, help is easy to find! We can easily update your gateway settings - simply email us at support@agentsync.io and will fix that for you as soon as possible!