How Do I Close a Transaction in AgentSync Manage?

Transactions with errors must be closed out before you can resubmit a new transaction. This article walks through how to close out those transactions!

Have you ever had a transaction that errored out that had to be resubmitted? If so, you most likely will need to close out the original, errored transaction to remove it from your view. To do this, follow the below steps:

Please Note: Even if a submitted license, appointment or termination application is closed, this does not remove the charges - i.e. license application fee(s), nor does it cancel/rescind the transaction itself. This only results in transactions being removed from your Manage view and reporting.  

Step 1: Navigate to the transaction that you wish to hide from your view. This is done slightly differently for license transactions vs. appointment/termination transactions:

  • License Transactions
    • Navigate to the Producer Detail record of the desired producer by typing the producer's name into the Global Search Bar
    • Click the name of the producer with the label Producer Detail Record under the name
    • Click Process Transactions on the Producer Detail record
    • Once on the Process Transactions, click the section labeled NIPR Transactions if it does not automatically bring you there. 
    • Click the blue hyperlinked transaction that you would like to remove from your view labeled GT-XXXXXXXX
  • Appointment/Termination Transactions
    • Navigate to the Contact (individual agent) or Account (entity) record by typing the producer's name into the Global Search Bar
    • Click the name of the producer with the label Contact or Account under the name
    • Click Appoint for appointments or Terminate for terminations in the upper right corner of the record
    • In the window that opens up, find the state, company and LOA you submitted the transaction for and scroll all the way to the right to the Submission Status field. Once there, click on the data listed in the Submission Status field. 

Step 2: This will bring you to the NIPR Transaction record. Locate the Status section in the upper right-hand corner and click on the grey pencil icon 

Step 3: Use the Status drop-down menu to change the status to Closed/Admin

Step 4: Click the Save button at the bottom of the page. The transaction will now be hidden from your view on the Producer Detail record (licenses) or Appoint/Terminate window (appointments/terminations) and all reports. 

That's it! If you need to resubmit the transaction, you can now go back to the Producer Details or Contact/Account record to resubmit the transaction.