How Do I Terminate Multiple Producer's Appointments in Bulk?

Need to terminate a large number of appointments? This article will walk you through how to terminate appointments in bulk in AgentSync Manage.


Step 1: Before we can terminate, we must export the appointment data from Manage that we need. Navigate to the Reports tab in the top ribbon of your screen (check the More button on the right side if its missing)

AgentSync Tip: Using a report ensures the data in your file matches the data in Manage exactly, but you can also manually fill in a CSV Template. To download it, click here.

Step 2: Click New Report in the top right corner

Step 3: There is a list of Categories that defaults to Recently Used. Select All and type Producer Licensing with Carrier Appointments

Step 4: Click Producer Licensing with Carrier Appointments and Start Report

Step 5: Remove Producer Licensing: Producer Licensing Name and Carrier Appointment: Carrier Appointment from the Columns by clicking X next to each line

Step 6: In the Add column... box, add the following columns in this exact order from the Carrier Appointment: info section (NOT Producer Licensing: info):

  • Related Producer
  • NPN
  • State Code
  • LOA Categories
  • CoCode

Step 7: Click over to the Filters tab

Step 8: Change the Show Me filter from My producer licensing to All producer licensing and click Apply

Step 9: In the Add filters... box, add the following filters to your report:

  • Cocode - equals - (your company Cocode)
  • Status - equals - Appointed
  • LOA Categories - equals - (the LOAs you wish to terminate)
  • State Code - equals - (the states you wish to terminate)

AgentSync Tip: Not sure what your CoCode is? Click here to learn how to navigate to your Company record to find it. 

Step 10: Click Run in the top right corner. 

AgentSync Tip: If you want to learn how to save a report (and other reporting functionality), click here to learn more!

Step 11: In the top right corner of your report, click the down arrow next to Edit

Step 12: Click Export 

Step 13: Ensure Details Only is selected, change the Format to Comma Delimited .csv and click Export

Step 14: Open the CSV file and save it to your computer. 

AgentSync Tip: You can add multiple states for multiple appointments as long as the states are split by a semicolon and no space.

Step 15: Return to Manage and click 9-dotted box in the top left corner

Step 16: In the search bar, type AgentSync CSV Import and click AgentSync CSV Import under the Items category

Step 17: In the Select Upload Type drop down, select Terminate

Step 18: Click the blue here link in the description to download the CSV template that must be used for the upload.

Step 19: From the exported report, copy the Agent NPN, State(s), LOA Category and Carrier CoCode onto the exported template. 

Step 20: Enter in the Termination Reason Code that aligns with each producer's appointment. You can find the Termination Reason Codes listed on the termination_reason_key tab of the template. 

AgentSync Tip: Not all states accept all termination reasons.  Keep this in mind as you are creating your termination spreadsheet for upload.  Unsure what termination reasons each state accepts?  Check out our Compliance Library for a state-by-state reference.

AgentSync Tip: You can set up default Termination Reason Codes and use those default reasons by leaving the Termination_Reason column blank! To set up default codes by state, reach out to

Step 21: Delete the tabs labeled accepted_values and termination_reason_key from the template. 

Step 22: Save the template as a CSV file

Step 23: Return to the AgentSync CSV Import tool in Manage

Step 24: Click the Upload Files button on the Import page and upload your CSV

Step 25: Click Parse 1 file

AgentSync Tip: You may see a page that looks scary saying that your document has tons of errors.  It is likely because the uploader is reading the blank rows.  If the errors are related to blank rows, simply minimize the rows with errors screen.

Step 26: Click Submit "x" Transactions. You can submit your transactions immediately, or create multiple batches.  Creating multiple batches allows for secondary review before submission. 

AgentSync Tip: The default setting is to not submit to NIPR immediately. To submit immediately, click the Immediately Submit to NIPR before pressing the Submit Transactions button. 

Are you terminating this producer? If so, check out this article that walks through all offboarding steps!


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