How Does Billing with NIPR Work?

One of the most common questions we receive is how billing works for transactions in Manage. This article will walk through how billing is set up between NIPR and AgentSync as well as the how the various fees are paid.

What Type of Payments Do Customers Pay?

There are three types of payments that can be made when transacting: State Fees, NIPR Transaction Fees, and Appointment Renewal Fees. Here is an overview of how each works in Manage:

  • State Fees: The state fees are billed through an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) within Manage. Through the EFT, the payments are taken as a lump sum from the customer's banking information on file at the end of each business day. Once this is set up, so long as the banking information is accurate and funds are available, no additional action is needed on a recurring basis. 
  • NIPR Transaction Fees: The NIPR transaction fees are invoiced to customers monthly. NIPR will send customers this invoice directly - AgentSync is not involved in NIPR Transaction Fee payments. These invoices can be paid online with a credit card, online with an electric check, or a mail in check.  
  • Appointment Renewal Fees: At this time, AgentSync Manage does not support appointment renewals. Not all states use NIPR for appointment renewals. For the states that do use NIPR for appointment renewals, customers can review and pay the invoices for appointment renewals through subscriber services via NIPR.

For more information on subscriber services, see the Subscriber Services section of the NIPR FAQ page


How is Billing Between NIPR and AgentSync Set Up?

During the implementation process, the AgentSync Delivery Team will walk through this process with you. They will ask you to set up an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) and provide all of the information you will need to pay for transactions. Click here to view the full process! 


How Much Do Customers Pay AgentSync to Process Transactions?

NOTHING! AgentSync does not charge an additional fee to customers for processing transactions. The cost is exactly as it is when processing through NIPR directly. 


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