How frequently does the NIPR sync run?

Details about AgentSync's daily sync schedule for both PDB alerts and NPN updates


Want to learn more about our sync with NIPR?  Check out our Understanding our Relationship with NIPR and How does the NIPR Sync Work? course in AgentSync Academy!

AgentSync PDB Alert subscription (10:15am CDT daily)
  • The PDB alert subscription is scheduled to run at 10:15am CT, 15 minutes after the daily alerts are available from NIPR.
  • This job touches the Account, Contact, User and all AgentSync objects (Producer Licensing, NIPR addresses, Carrier Appointments, Licenses, Lines of Authority, Reg Actions)
  • The job brings in any changes from NIPR that have occurred in the last day
AgentSync NPN updates (8:00pm PDT daily)
  • Runs at 8pm PDT each night
  • Adds NPNs to the NIPR target list, which impacts billing. 
  • Syncs the list of NPNs active in the system with the subscription service, which makes sure the NPN is included in the next day's alerts (if there are updates)
  • The system then checks for updates from the state/NIPR for open transactions like appointments, terminations, new licenses, renewals and address change requests.