How to Add an Affiliation to AgentSync Manage

Does your license application or renewal require affiliations? These instructions will walk you through how to add an affiliation in AgentSync.

Step 1: Navigate to the agency with the affiliations you would like to track.  This is likely found on the account record.

Step 2: Affiliations are tracked by license.  On the account record, click the license that you would like to track your affiliation for. 

Step 3: Each entity license has an affiliation field.  Edit the affiliation field and click +Add New Affiliation

Step 4: A text screen will pop up requiring you to add more information on the affiliation.  Complete all required fields that are marked by the red asterisk. 

Note: we do not track affiliations with NIPR.  We do not yet have an automated way to track this information.  As your affiliations grow and update, you will need to add them to your AgentSync org.

Step 5: Click Save

Still having trouble?  Click here to access exclusive AgentSync Customer Content and see a video walking through this process!