How To Look Up an Individual Producer's NPN in Manage (also known as NPN backfill process)

Do you need to find your producer's NPN? Manage has a tool that can help!

**Start the video at the 31 second mark**

AgentSync Manage built a tool called the NPN Lookup that can pull your producer's NPN from NIPR by using their first name, last name and social security number. The section walks through how to use the NPN Lookup tool. 

Step 1: Navigate to the agent's Contact record by typing their name into the Global Search Bar at the top of your screen in Manage.

Is your contact not in Manage yet? Click here for instructions on adding new Contacts! 

Step 2: Click on the name of the agent that has the label Contact underneath it

Step 3: On the Contact record, confirm that the agent's First NameLast Name and Social Security Number are all correctly filled out

Step 4: Click the NPN Lookup button located in the top right corner of the Contact record. You may need to click the small down arrow to find the button

AgentSync Tip: Having trouble finding the NPN Lookup button? Reach out to for assistance.

Step 5: If the First Name, Last Name & SSN match what NIPR has on file, you will see a pop-up that shows the Agent's Name and the NPN Found

 AgentSync Tip: Did the pop up say "NPN Not Found" or have the name of a different agent? This may be because of two reasons:

  • The name provided does not match the information in the Producer Database (PDB). It could be because the name is misspelled or the agent has changed their name, and this change has not been updated in both Manage and NIPR.
  • The SSN was incorrectly entered into Manage.

 Step 6: Click Save NPN to Contact

The NPN will now populate in the NPN field and the record will automatically start the sync with NIPR.