How to set up and view upline and downlines hierarchies in AgentSync Manage

Improve the scalability of your producer and agency uplines and downlines with AgentIDs. Utilize the power of the Agent ID object to automate your hierarchies and remove the mental load of manually keeping up with the changes in your channel!

AgentSync Manage’s new auto-create Agent ID feature will take some of the manual work out of managing and tracking uplines and downlines.  Learn how the Agent ID feature can also help you view upline eligibility when submitting appointments!

AgentSync Note: this auto-create Agent ID feature will only be available to customers who have this feature enabled.  If you do not see upline eligibility, please reach out to or your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to enable the functionality.

Here is how you can use this feature!

Before you start

This disclaimer is only for customer orgs that use the user object to track agents and brokers.  

When reaching out to turn on this feature, please identify your default agency NPN for Agent ID creation.  The NPN must currently exist in your AgentSync org or you will get an error that says there is no account that holds that NPN value.  This account will serve as your parent account for all of your subsequent Agent IDs.

Setting up Agent IDs in AgentSync Manage

What is an agentID?
AgentSync Manage uses a custom object called agentID to help you keep track of your agent hierarchies in manage.  This object is out-of-the-box and most commonly used by our MGA and carrier customers.

AgentSync Note: AgentSync Manage is not a commission payment system and the details of a customer’s commission schedules should reside in your policy admin/commission payment systems. You can integrate with AgentSync from your policy admin system or commission system to identify the agent or agency's upline hierarchy and commission schedule related to the Agent ID. 

The agent ID object can be associated to either an account or contact record.  Producers can have multiple Agent IDs.  Below are instructions on how to create an Agent ID:

Step 1: Click into your producer's account or contact page in which you would like to create the agentID for

Step 2: On the AgentID related list, click the down arrow and select "new" from the dropdown

Screenshot 2023-10-02 at 11.49.46 AM

Step 3: Enter the AgentID number (unless auto-created by AgentSync for you)

Screenshot 2023-10-02 at 10.53.24 AM

Step 4: Select the parent AgentID by inputting the parent Agent ID number in the parent AgentID field.

Step 5: Set the level of the AgentID if necessary

Step 6: Select whether the agentID is active or inactive by selecting the "active" field.

Step 7: Click save

Setting up auto-create Agent IDs for agents and brokers:

Step 1: Confirm that all contacts or users that are part of your hierarchy have a NPN and an account.

Step 2: The system will recognize and create an agent ID for all producers with a NPN and parent account.  If your producer’s NIPR tracking is inactive, your Agent ID will be listed as not active.  

Step 3: Clicking into your Agent ID, you will see the fields shown in the picture below.  Note that automated Agent IDs will show a banner on the top of the page and the “maintained by” field will show AgentSync Automation. 

AgentSync Note: If using this feature, please note that editing the active, parent agent ID, and level fields will result in errors in the automation.

AgentSync Tip!  Did your producer move to a different agency?  Simply change their account on their contact record, and the agent ID record will automatically reflect the new parent agent ID!

Auto-create Agent IDs for agencies:

Step 1: Confirm that all accounts have an associated NPN.  

Note: If an associated upline is deactivated, all associated child records are marked inactive as well. 

Step 2:  All accounts with an NPN will create an Agent ID with a level 2.  To associate your agency with an upline, simply add the upline on the “parent account” field.  

AgentSync Note: Account records can have multiple agent IDs depending on how many levels up the upline your parent account goes.  For example, if an account (Account A) has a child account (Account B) who also has a child account (Account C), then account A will have three agent ID records created: one that was automatically created for the account with a level 2, one for the direct child (Account B) showing a level 3, and one for the child’s child (Account C) record showing a level 4 (as shown in the diagram below).  The hierarchy can have up to 11 levels and each Agent ID will look up to the level above it.  

To find the Agent IDs that are associated with each account, simple click the Agent ID record and scroll down to the Agent IDs related list:

Preparing your existing Agent ID records for this feature:

If you are already using hierarchies in Salesforce with Agent IDs, please reach out to your support team to determine if backfilling Agent IDs will have an impact on your existing hierarchy structure. If it is aligned and you would like to use this automate Agent IDs feature, follow the steps listed below:

Step 1: Go into your AgentSync Settings page

AgentSync Note: Do not have access to this page?  Email and they can complete this step for you.

Step 2: Go into the “one-off batch jobs” section

Step 3: Click “backfill agent IDs” job