How to Submit a Contact Change Request in AgentSync Manage

This article walks through how to submit a contact change request in AgentSync Manage and do a real time call to NIPR for the address on file.


Step 1: Search for your producer's name in the Global Search Bar at the top of your Manage screen.

Step 2: Click on. your producer's Producer Detail Record. You should see the words "Producer Detail" directly below the producer's name.

AgentSync Tip: Can't find the producer detail record?  Click the magnifying glass right below the search bar to see all records with that name.

Step 3: Click Contact Information

You have three key sections here:

  • NIPR Provided Information: What NIPR currently has on file
  • Agent Provided Information: The address that was edited through Manage (either through the portal by the agent or manually)
  • Address Transactions: This section monitors any contact change request submissions.


Step 4: Click Agent Provided Information to view any differences in the NIPR address and the Agent Provided Address

Step 5: Click Submit Contact Change Request to submit the Agent Provided Information to NIPR as a contact change request

Step 6: Click Address Transactions to track your address change requests

Want to confirm what address NIPR has on file in real-time?  Click the retrieve NIPR address info button and AgentSync Manage will run a real-time call to NIPR to make any updates to the address

Have a producer that changed their last name?

A question we receive frequently is whether AgentSync Manage's contact change request supports name changes when an agent changes their surname. Manage and NIPR do not support name changes.  The agent must directly go to the state DOI and request a name change.  The DOI will then send that information to NIPR and Manage.

Hitting an error?

Check out our resource page on Address Submission Related Errors!