How to Insert, Upsert, or Update Data Using Data Loader

Use data loader to add, update, or delete data in your AgentSync Manage org.

This article walks through a specific use case with Data Loader.  If you are still having issues, check out some of the more generic tutorials here.



Step 1: Go to click "Login with Salesforce". 

Step 2: Checkbox yes, I have a custom Salesforce domain.

Step 3: Copy and paste the URL that you use to log into your AgentSync Manage org into the box below. The format should be:

AgentSync Tip: Having trouble logging in? In your Manage URL, copy the text between "http://" and "". Example:

  • Manage URL:
  • Custom Domain:

Step 4: Keep the "Environment" field listed as Production unless you are trying to load data into a Sandbox.

Step 5: Review the terms and conditions and check the box to agree.

Step 6: Click Login

Step 7: Select New Task

Step 8: Select whether you would like to Import, Export, or Delete data

 AgentSync Tip: Importing data? You will have three additional options to choose from on the next page:

  • Insert: Upload new records
  • Upsert: Insert new records AND update existing records
  • Update: Update existing records

Step 7: Select which object you would like to upload data to in the Object section

Step 8: Select Next

Step 9: Upload the CSV of data you would like to import

AgentSync Tip: When creating your CSV for upload, make sure that your headers match the fields in AgentSync.  Additionally, you will need a unique identifier to help match the record on your spreadsheet to the system unless you are performing an Import/Insert. We used contactID, which you can find by pulling a report.

Step 10: Map the records by selecting the field under Salesforce Field where you would like to upload your data. If the CSV headers match Manage, it may auto-populate. 

Step 11: Select Next

Step 12: Confirm that your summary is correct.  

Step 13: Select Save and Run

Is your data load not successful?  Here is why:

1. There could be duplicates in your org

2. You may be using a picklist value that did not translate or you did not use null for an empty value