How to View and Manage Your Agent's Biographical Information through the Producer Detail

The producer detail holds the Agent's personal information that is saved within AgentSync Manage and submitted along with a request for renewal or a new license.

Table of Contents:

View and Manage Producer Details

Locating and Updating the Producer Detail Record:

Can't find the Manage Producer Record? Reach out to for assistance.

AgentSync Note: This information can also be viewed and managed through the Agent Portal (if applicable). You can learn more about the Agent Portal here: How to Invite a User to the AgentSync Manage Portal, Login as a Portal User, and Offboard a Portal User's License.

Walkthrough of the Producer Detail Flow
The Producer Detail Record has four sections that ask key information about your agent that is required for renewal and applying for new licenses.

Section 1: Biographic Information

This section holds your agent's personal information including the social security number, gender, citizenship country, and agent type (producer, adjuster, or surplus).


Section 2: Employment History

NIPR requires five consecutive years of employment history, and AgentSync Manage makes it easy to include this information by walking your agent or you through this section.  

AgentSync Tip: Due to the truncated nature of the character limit for positions, we recommend abbreviations like "Spec" for specialist or "Rep" for representative.

Section 3: Address Information

Add the producer's address information for their residence, business and mailing addresses in this section.

AgentSync Tip: Need to update an address for an agent or want to ensure that your agent's information is aligned with what NIPR has on file? Read this article here: How to Submit a Contact Change Request in AgentSync Manage.

Section 4: Background Questions

Provide the answers for standard background and state specific questions for License & Renewal submissions.

You can enable your producers to only answer the state specific questions on your producer assignment.  See here for more details!  Otherwise, your producers will answer all state specific background questions (recommended for customers who are expanding to new states)

An error message will appear if the submission is missing any required answers.

Et Voila! You have now walked through your agent's Producer record! If you have any questions, we are always happy to help. Don't hesitate to email us at

Section 5: NIPR Attestation

Customers can now opt into enabling all producers in Manage to accept NIPR attestation in their producer details as part of their onboarding and change management workflow.  If enabled, agents will be required to submit their NIPR Attestation each time their producer details are created or updated.

AgentSync Warning: Enabling the NIPR attestation field will result in all producer details being incomplete.  You will not be able to transact for your producers until the NIPR Attestation section is complete.

Further Education & Training

Want to learn more about producer details?  Check out our Getting Started with AgentSync for Agencies micro-course on producer details!