How to Reset your NIPR Credentials

Received an "Authentication Failed" message? Your NIPR credentials may need updating. This article walks through how to update your NIPR credentials (WebServices ID or WSID), which will need to be done regularly to continue to transact in Manage.

AgentSync Tip: The NIPR Administrator User Guide can be found here.
Step 1: Log into your NIPR Administrator application here entering your userID and password.
Step 2: Select the Industry Admin link.
Step 3: The industry admin link will take you to a page that displays user login IDs, names, and emails. Click the yellow "edit" button next to the user's name who's password you would like to reset.

AgentSync Tip: Resetting your WebServices ID credentials and unsure which password to reset? Go to the NIPR Gateway Credentials in the AgentSync Settings (see step 11) to confirm the correct username associated with your AgentSync Manage account. 

Step 4: Select edit user details.

Step 5: You will be directed to the "User Profile" page. Select "Reset Password."

Step 6: After the password is reset, the user will receive an email with a temporary password.

Step 7: Enter the username and temporary password in the link provided in your email.

AgentSync Tip: Having issues logging in? Make sure that you are fully logged out of your NIPR account after resetting the password. Still having issues? Right click the link above and request to open the site in an Incognito window. 

Step 8: After the user has successfully changed their password, they can confirm that the change was successful by logging into the Producer Database page.

Note: This section is for Salesforce Admins (ISV) only. If you do not have an ISV org or a Salesforce admin, please email to schedule a 15 minute meeting.

Step 9: Now that you reset your NIPR Password, go back into AgentSync Manage.

Step 10: Select the AgentSync Settings tab in the top ribbon.

AgentSync Tip: Don't see the AgentSync Settings tab? Select the 9-dotted square on the top left of the page, next to the tabs. This will open an object search function where you can type "AgentSync Settings"

Step 11: Scroll down to the NIPR Credentials Section and click the edit button.
Step 12: Input your WSID username and password for the label "NIPR Credentials".

AgentSync Tip: Unsure what your NIPR username is?  You can find your username by clicking into the NIPR Gateway Credentials link underneath the header "NIPR Transactions" on the AgentSync Settings page.

Step 13: Click Save.

Now your password is reset and you are ready to transact within AgentSync!