State Compliance Changes in Manage

AgentSync will automatically incorporate state compliance changes into Manage. This article whats through what that means for you.

State DOIs frequently make updates to the background questions that they require producers to answer in order to be licensed in that state. When this happens, AgentSync will automatically make those updates in our system to ensure your agents' Producer Detail records match the requirements set by the states. 

If a new required question is added by a state, or an existing question is changed, your producers (or you on behalf of your producers) will need to answer the new or updated question in order to submit licenses to any state through Manage.


AgentSync requires all state required background questions to be answered to submit license transactions in any state, not just the state with the new and/or updated question. Failing to answer required questions will block you from transacting in all states. If you would like to only require background questions for certain states, read this article to learn how!


Be sure to reach out to all of your producers when there are state compliance updates to ensure they answer all new and/or updated background questions as soon as possible to prevent any delays in license transactions.