How do I Transact for Variable Lines in AgentSync Manage?

Manage now allows for applying for and renewing variable licenses as well as submitting appointments and terminations for carrier customers! This article will walk through the necessary steps to transact for variable lines in AgentSync Manage

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What makes AgentSync Manage's variable lines experience unique?  

AgentSync is thrilled to announce that we now support variable lines!  Manage only requires one single point of entry for producer CRD numbers bypassing those "Ask on Submission" questions that can slow down producer onboarding.  For customers who license, simply enter your producer's CRD number on your producer's contact, user or account record and it will automatically populate on non uniform questions.

AgentSync Tip: Unsure where to find your producer's CRD number?  Click here to visit BrokerCheck to find it.

Setting up your producer for variable lines transactions:

Applying for and renewing licenses

AgentSync Tip: Looking for more information on how to apply for or renew licenses in AgentSync?  Check out our course in AgentSync Academy!

Step 1: Navigate to your producer's Contact record by searching their name in the Global Search Bar at the top of your page in Manage. 

Step 2: Click the name of your producer with the word Contact underneath it.

AgentSync Tip: Don't see your producer's Contact record in the preview? Try clicking "Show more results for" at the bottom of the preview. 

Step 3: Input your producer's CRD number on their contact, user, or account page in the CRD field. Can't find it? Try clicking CTRL + F and searching for CRD.

Step 4: Adding the CRD number on the Contact record will automatically populate the CRD number on the Non-Uniform Background Questions on the Producer Detail record.

Step 5: Once the above is complete, you can apply for and renew licenses.

AgentSync Tip: Need help applying for or renewing licenses? Click here for more information. 

Appointments and Terminations

AgentSync Tip: Looking for more information on how to appoint or terminate in AgentSync?  Check out our course in AgentSync Academy!

Step 1: From any page in Manage, find the tab across the top labeled Companies. Make sure to check the More drop down if you don't see it.

Step 2: Change the list view in the top left corner from Recently Viewed to All

Step 3: Click on the Company Name that you would like to appoint and/or terminate variable lines with.

AgentSync Tip: Need to add a new company to Manage? Click here to access exclusive AgentSync Customer Content and learn more. 

Step 4: Find the LOA Categories field and click the pencil on the right side to edit the field.

Step 5: Move Variable Lines from the Available column to the Chosen column.

Step 6: Click Save

Step 7: Scroll down to find the Company State Settings related list on the Companies object and click the title to open the full list view. 

Step 8: Click into a state with a link labeled CSS-XXXXXXX

Step 9: If the state has a separate Variable License ID and Company ID, please input the Variable License ID data into the Company State Settings record

Note: If your state does not have a separate variable license ID and company ID, then the license ID and state company ID will be submitted when appointing and terminating variable lines.

Step 10: Repeat steps 8 and 9 for every state in your Company State Settings.

AgentSync Tip: Need additional information on Company State Settings? Click here to learn more!

Step 11: You are now set to appoint and terminate variable lines in Manage!

Video Walkthrough (login required)

AgentSync Tip: Need more information information on appointing and terminating? Click here for appointing and here for terminating! 

Want to see a video of this process? Click here to access exclusive AgentSync Customer Content and watch!