What is the AgentSync Audit Log and Where can I audit daily NPN updates?

This article walks through the AgentSync audit log and how to review which NPNs were updated in the daily sync.

This article walks through:

Want to learn more about how the sync between NIPR and AgentSync works?  Check out our micro-course here in AgentSync Academy!  

Access Codes are:

  • agentsyncforagencies
  • agentsyncforcarriers
  • agentsyncformgas

When reviewing your producer’s contact, account, or user record - you will likely find a section on your page titled “audit log.”  

The AgentSync Audit log is a record of the information that was pulled when the sync between this producer and NIPR is initiated.  

AgentSync Tip: Customers frequently ask why the audit log doesn't show daily updates.  The audit log is only updated when the sync is initiated, you complete a NIPR re-sync, or there was a change to the producer’s NPN

If you would like to view any changes to your producer records in AgentSync after the NPN sync, simply follow these steps:

  1. Type in AgentSync Audit Logs in the 9 dotted square on the top left side of your screen
  2. Change your view from recently viewed to alerts reports
  3. Click the filter button on the right hand corner of the page

Screenshot 2023-07-06 at 3.24.13 PM

4. Confirm that your filters show the type to be “Subscribed Alerts” and “Target List Update” and looks like the picture below:

AgentSync Note: Your targeted list is the list of NPNs that are active in your system.  This informs AgentSync which NPNs to pull updates for.  Your subscribed alerts are a daily change log of what has been updated in your AgentSync org through the NIPR sync.

Once you click into your subscribed alerts, you will see a section titled “AgentSync Report files” with each object that is updated through the NIPR sync in AgentSync. 

By clicking into one of the hyperlinked objects, you can pull a coded file of the updates made in AgentSync that morning by selecting one of the “notes and attachments” files.

AgentSync Tip: To learn more about the daily NPN sync, check out this article.