Why is my Producer's license not showing up in Manage?

Does a state DOI show an active license for your producer that is not showing in AgentSync Manage? This article walks through why that might be and how to resolve it.

Why is my Producer's License showing on the State DOI but not in Manage?

As you are probably very aware, applying for and renewing licenses is not an instantaneous process, no matter how you go about submitting the transaction(s). The request for licenses sent through the NIPR Gateway are sent to the state to be reviewed. Once the state reviews and approves the transaction(s), the license information does not instantly make its way to NIPR and the PDB. 

AgentSync Manage does not connect directly to the state DOI(s); Manage connects to the PDB. Because there can be a lag between when the state approves the license and when it is sent back to NIPR, it is possible for a license to show active on the DOI website and not appear in the PDB/Manage. 

The time it takes for each state to send the license information to NIPR does vary state to state, and it can take up to 10 business days for some states to send the updated license information to NIPR.


What if the License is on the PDB but is not showing in Manage?

Manage syncs with NIPR every morning to bring in all PDB updates from the previous day. If a license appears on the PDB, the most likely reason is the license was just received by NIPR that day. This license will be pulled through in the following day's sync. 

If waiting until the next day's sync disrupts your business processes/tasks, you can always do a manual resync of an individual NPN to pull in the most up to date information. 


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