Agent Portal User Guide for Producers

This AgentSync portal provides a streamlined self-service experience for you to complete, view and update the required information for license & renewal subscriptions. The information is stored on your producer detail record.

Click to view the following:

Portal Walkthrough

This short video will walk through how to log in, complete your producer details, and update any key information:

Troubleshooting & FAQs

Question: I am experiencing login issues and can't log into the producer portal.
Answer: Take the following steps to resolve your issue.

  • Double Check Your Password: Because the password field is encrypted, the best first step is to try to log in again to ensure the password was entered correctly.
  • Check the Domain of the Account: Most AgentSync accounts have a domain of "your company". For example, AgentSync's domain would be: Double check the domain to ensure you are not attempting to log into 
  • Check Your Username: Each agent is provided with a unique user name upon registration. Please reference your initial welcome email to find your username.  

Question: I can't save my producer detail in the portal:

  • Try to zoom the screen out a bit (CTRL & -).  The view of the Portal flow can be large for some browsers, and many times Agents are able to continue to the next page after this step.  Once you complete the producer detail, select CTRL & + magnify your screen back to its original view.
  • Do you have employment gaps?  This can prevent you from moving forward after employment history.  Please label all employment gaps as "unemployed," "school" or any other placeholder per NIPR rules.
  • Are you using a chrome browser?. If not, please close your portal and reopen using Chrome.