Can I Cancel or Undo a License or Appointment Transaction Submitted Through AgentSync Manage?

Have you submitted a transaction to NIPR by mistake? Read below to learn what this means and next steps.

Although it is possible to remove a transaction record from your view by closing it, you cannot cancel or rescind the transaction once it has been submitted to NIPR. If a license, appointment and/or termination transaction was submitted by mistake, you will need to reach out to the individual state(s) DOIs directly for further assistance.


We have found that most states do tend to be fairly accommodating in cancellation/rescinding requests, but there is no guarantee that they can cancel or rescind a transaction application that has already been submitted.  


AgentSync Tip: In most cases an accidental or errored out transaction will need to be closed as to not impact reporting. Not sure how to close out an old transaction? Learn how in this article!