Can I Appoint Multiple Producers in Bulk?

AgentSync's Bulk Appoint Utility in Manage allows customers to submit appointments for multiple producer's at one time. Read on to learn more!

The Bulk Appoint Utility in Manage allows for users to submit appointments for multiple producers at one time through Manage! This highly requested feature is a huge time saver for customers who need to submit appointments for multiple producers at one time.  Here is a quick video on how bulk appointment utility works!

The Bulk Appoint Utility is a complex feature that may not be right for everyone. If you are interested in using the Bulk Appoint Utility, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to determine it is a good fit for you!

Looking for the Eligibility Reason dictionary? Click here to jump to that section! 


5 Things You Need to Know about Bulk Appointments in AgentSync Manage

1. Users have two options for utilizing the AgentSync Bulk Appointment Feature:
    1. Auto-submit or queue up appointments through an integration with AgentSync Manage
    2. Partner with AgentSync’s Customer Solutions Engineering (CSE) team to create a flow that allows for submission of multiple appointments through a bulk data load.  In order to take advantage of this functionality, please reach out to your CSM to learn if you are the right fit.

AgentSync Note: If you are auto-submitting appointments through your own integrations, it's critical to run safety checks when the auto-appoint functionality is updated.  Please work with your Customer Success Manager to ensure this is done. 

2. AgentSync has critical checkpoints during the appointment process to ensure that your transactions were successfully and accurately submitted! What does this mean? Before an appointment transaction is created via the Bulk Appoint Utility:
    1. The system will first confirm that the producer’s NPN exists, synced correctly, and is active in AgentSync.  Once those three criteria are met, the system will then create the appointment transaction.
    2. During your implementation, you likely configured your gateway business rules, which are the lines of authorities and class codes that you do business in.  When you select a specific LOA category, you submit transactions for the active lines within that category. In the latest version of the bulk appointing utility, transactions are created for all active lines within the requested LOA category (whether the producer is eligible or not). 

However, only the eligible appointments will be submitted within that category, so do not be alarmed by the number of transactions!  AgentSync put this process in place to ensure that your producers are appointed for all required lines.  You can either leave the transactions as is or close them individually or in bulk through a list view.

Here is a brief example from the video (linked in the “New Version” section in this doc).  Below, we can see the Apex code requesting an appointment submission for life and health in California.

The Apex code spun up four transactions, which you can see below.  This is because California has four different lines of authority that fall under the life and health line of authority category: 

  • Life
  • Accident & Health or Sickness (including Disability)
  • Health and Sickness (excluding Disability)
  • Part time fraternal (which holds both a life & fraternal LOA category)

Likely, producers are not eligible for an appointment with all listed lines of authority categories and a not eligible transaction message will return after submission.  As shown below, the producer was not eligible for the above line of authorities because the requested company does not appoint for life and health.  The user will not be charged for this not eligible transaction.


3. AgentSync’s new Bulk Appoint Utility allow for a more precise understanding of why an appointment request was rejected.  To stay on top of your appointment submissions, we highly recommend you use and report on the new “eligibility reason” field on the transaction record.  This ensures that you can audit your own appointments without disrupting your workflow.  See the section below to learn what the various eligibility reasons mean in AgentSync Manage.

4. AgentSync’s bulk appointment functionality only accepts our supported lines.  If you are auto-submitting an appointment with one of our supported lines that does not fall under this category (ex: not_applicable), simply input the line of authority that you sell for and AgentSync’s backend code will automatically recategorize the line of authority. 

5. Your company record lists the lines of authorities that their companies support.  If you are getting error messages regarding not supporting certain lines of authorities, please check that your company record lists that line of authority.  These records are not updated by NIPR and you must ensure that you make any updates when you expand business to new states or lines of authorities.  


Bulk Appoint Eligibility Reasons Dictionary

Below is a list of what each Eligibility Reason is and what it means

Eligibility Reason Meaning
Transaction creationed with Eligibility Reason = Required License Not Active (Found) and Transaction Status = Not Eligible Either this means that the producer's license is inactive, expired, or does not exist for the requested appointment state or the license does not hold any of the requested LOA categories.
For Transactions where LOAs exist on the license: Eligibility Reason = In Good Standing and Transaction Status = Ready to Submit. For transactions where LOAs do not exist on license: Eligibility Reason = Required License Not Found and Transaction Status = Not Eligible Producer does not hold the correct line of authority categories.
Transaction is created: Eligibility Reason = In Good Standing and Transaction Status = Ready To Submit NPN holds more than one eligible license in requested state for agent type = producer and more than one eligible 'Ready to Submit' transaction could be created
Transaction created for eligble license. No transactions created for Ineligible license All eligible transactions (Possibly multiple) will all be created for the eligible license - and for ineligible requests, transactions will still be created but in a 'Not Eligible' status with Eligibility Reason = 'Required License Not Found'
Transactions are created with Eligibility Teason = "No Active Resident License" and Transaction Status = Not Eligible NPN has expired resident license or RL has Active = FALSE but license for requested state is active and not expired
Eligibility Reason: Required License Not Found and Transaction Status: Not Eligible NPN does not hold license in requested state
Eligibility Reason: *Company Name* does not appoint in the requested State: *State* and Transaction Status = Not Eligible Company record is missing Company State Setting for requested state
Eligibility Reason: Company Does Not Appoint for requested loas. TXN Status: Not Eligible Company record is missing requested LOA categories
Eligibility Reason: CoCode Not Found. TXN Status: Not Eligible Company record is missing for CoCode requested
All eligible appts created as JIT appt and held for submission All eligible appts created as JIT appt and held for submission. JIT will need to =TRUE on the applicable Company State Setting records.
Eligibility Reasons: In Good Order. Txn Status: Dependent on NIPR response Any request where 'submit = true' will auto submit Non-JIT PDB appointments to NIPR.

Any requests with 'submitJustInTime =true' will auto-submit any JIT appts to NIPR.
Dependent on NIPR response. All eligible transactions are submitted to NIPR Non-JIT state and Auto-Submit = True
Dependent on Eligibility Reason not related to PA This error occurs when states license for the same class code but only appoint individuals or if Appointment Producer Assignment Required checkbox is turned on and the submitted transaction was outside of the producer assignment.
Two separate transaction batches should be created This can happen when two separate requests were submitted for the same producer in the same state but the cocodes are different.
One transaction and one transaction batch are created If Appointment Producer Assignment Required checkbox is turned on, then all bulk appointment requests outside of the producer assignment will be rejected.


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